Sneaky shrug ‘stravaganza

I needed to make a couple of shrugs to test the pattern for the tutorial, and these are the result. The first one is made from a wool blend from Textile Traders. It’s pretty stretchy and drapey and I thought it would be just right for the pattern. I added the long pieces to this […]

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Sewing, Tutorial

Sneaky shrug tutorial

This is a tutorial to make the shrug below which I blogged here. It’s called a “sneaky shrug” because I got the idea and (ahem) dimensions from one I tried on in a shop, and which cost, I should mention, $600! Mine is slightly different because the RTW shrug didn’t have those extra flaps at the […]

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self-drafted, Sewing

Self-drafted shrug

I saw a lovely shrug in a high-end shop near me and immediately whisked it off to the change rooms for examination. It was basically three rectangles, two of which were folded in half and the third folded to form armholes. I got out my measure tape and made some rough sketches, took it all home […]

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