Self-drafted shrug

I saw a lovely shrug in a high-end shop near me and immediately whisked it off to the change rooms for examination. It was basically three rectangles, two of which were folded in half and the third folded to form armholes. I got out my measure tape and made some rough sketches, took it all home and then got distracted. Then I had coffee with my friend, Suzanne, who turned up in a brown and grey knitted top and my mind immediately went to the shrug and paired it with this brown and grey spotted knit in my stash. My new shrug was born!


I’m not sure whether the original had two ways in which to wear the shrug, but I’ve decided that mine has. Above is the first way. The original did not have those two slightly longer flaps, it was all neatly squared off, and I could do that too. I just allowed extra length and by a happy accident, I decided I liked it, so kept them. And here it is turned upside down, longer in the front and shorter in the back.


Because it’s hard to see the detail, I thought I’d show you the shrug laid flat. Long pieces at the bottom…IMG_5889

long pieces at the top, folded over to give a collar effect – although they basically hang when gravity takes over!IMG_5892

I think I prefer the long back and shorter front, but I suspect that there will be occasions when the reverse is true.


The stylist did a terrible job of dressing me. I think she just flung this on without a care in the world! The back seam is, in fact, completely horizontal when put on properly.DSC07675

and here it is with the side pieces dangling. DSC07671

After I had had a few senior moments over this shrug, it was, in fact, quite simple to make. I used the burrito method a couple of times and there is a bit of hand stitching involved. I hope to get a bit of wear from it before the cold weather sets in, but can imagine it being a great layering piece, perhaps on a milder winter’s day. It looks really good with trousers, but I wanted to wear it with a skirt today, which was a bit of an error as I look rather grey – to match the weather perhaps?

I am wearing it with my Hollyburn skirt and my grey ruched top as it is going to form another item in my Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe. The fabric for the shrug originally came from an op-shop in Melbourne and has been in my stash for far too long.


25 thoughts on “Self-drafted shrug

  1. SO (SEW) FUN!!!! Haven’t seen anything like that before. Glad you found it in the store and were cagey enough to map it out.

  2. I love that you have a tape measure and sketch book in your bag. You’re terrible Muriel! This is great, you should post a brief tutorial and measurements. Oh, and I think your stylist is doing just fine x

    1. Thanks Megan. I actually wrote the measurements on an important document – hehe! Always have a measure tape about your person!!

  3. I really like this … both ways too. You are clever! I have just started carrying around one of those little retractable tape measures I found in the deep recesses of my sewing room (bought for my son when he was little to distract him when I was at the fabric shop.. hee hee, my stash will attest that it worked a treat!).

  4. A brilliant design. Love it both ways. You might want to make it again in a more beefy wool knit for winter. Don’t be so hard on your stylist – she has chosen some magnificient leather boots to complete this ensemble. 😉

    1. Thanks as always Hélène! I agree, something warm would be fabulous, but it needs a bit of drape too. Wool ponte might be nice…

  5. Love your creativity Sue and how you jump straight in and make it. I tend to procrastinate over my ideas and rarely follow through and make them. I need to follow your example. Great shrug too, by the way.

  6. I have been known to take sneaky phone pictures, and even sketch out the more complicated details of garments I’ve liked when shopping but I really need to add a tape measure to my handbag now!
    Good work Sue 😉

  7. Great bit of copying! If you made it 2 layers could it be reversible? I agree with Megan about a basic tutorial or a sketch of the pieces before sewing…it is a real winner! Thanks for sharing!

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