Woodland stroll cape

I’ve made a couple of capes – the Woodland Stroll cape from Liesl & Co to be precise, which has been malingering in my pattern stash since it was first released. The first to be worn was this navy blue one made from left over wool flannel from trousers I made Mark last year.DSC07630

The lining is thick black silk, also left over from his trousers. This is one luxurious cape! Here it is in action in a local coffee shop – sorry the photo is out of focus.


I had really wanted a plaid cape, but as no plaid was forthcoming from my stash, I found some plaid buttons lurking in the button box(es), so used them instead. I like the contrast. I used snaps instead of buttonholes as my machine was being serviced, but it’s home again so I may fix this.


After the first one, I decided I needed a second one, but this time I decided that I would add  7.5cm to the length of the front and back. This one is made from felted wool left over from my Sydney Jacket. I lined it with a minty green silk, which I’ve had since the dark ages. DSC07629

Archie chose the buttons for this one. They are large turquoise buttons from the 1970s and I love them, and, surprisingly, they go with most of the things I would choose to wear with this jacket, including the madder dyed silk shirt and new brown trousers.


the obligatory back view teamed with my Baste & Gather Birkin Flares, raspberry merino top and Dr Who knitted scarf.


Both capes form part of my Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe challenge, and I’ve also worn them for the Me-Made-May’16 challenge. I’m also pleased that they are both made completely from scraps (admittedly large scraps!) and all notions came from my stash.


This will not be the last you see of the Woodland Stroll Cape as I have another almost finished, but then it will be time for me to move on.


16 thoughts on “Woodland stroll cape

  1. Capes look nice on you. This one has something of a coat too with the buttoned sides. They must be perfect for your not-so-cold autumns and winters. But I can’t think of myself wearing a coat or a cape that would not cover my forearms. When it’s cold here in Montréal, it’s cold!

    1. Yes, Hélène, our mild winters are pretty good for such garments – most of the time. I usually like my arms covered too, so am a bit surprised that I’ve (a) made these, and (b) am wearing them!

  2. I love them both but the extra length is good. I cut a cape pattern so long ago I had forgotten it – yours looks so good I may try to find it! (By the time I get to it it will probably be cold again 😬)

    1. A cape might be perfect for the sort of weather you seem to get in the summer. I also like the longer length, particularly over trousers.

  3. Your capes are both chic and practical. The short one is a little more chic and the longer one a little more paractical I think. I love to wear capes, too!

  4. That’s it, I must make a cape I’ve been craving. Both lengths look great! Your capes are quite stylish and don’t look
    so cumbersome as other, larger capes. Wonderful inspiration!

  5. I’ve made one cape for me but I don’t wear it much. It just doesn’t “feel” right on me, where as yours look fabulous on you!

    1. Maybe it’s the pattern? These are really nice to wear. I’ve got another cape that I never wear as I feel like a monk in it!

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