A brace of Birkins


I set out to make the Birkin Flares from Baste & Gather, having been inspired by several people but I kept seeing them on The Compulsive Seamstress and was so impressed with the fit and cut, so I got myself a pattern. Then began the head scratching. You see, I laid my jeans block over the Birkin pattern and the shape of the top was completely different. I took it all off to my pattern making class at Workspace-FADS and it was a revelation!

All Sarah did was take the top of my block and attach it to the legs of the Birkin Flares. Talk about grafting! The Birkin Flares are drafted for 2% stretch so I had to hunt through my stash for something appropriate. I had this rather unusual denim looking fabric from Knitwit, but liked the inside better than the outside, so went with the inside as the outside.


It goes so well with a 1970s style flare!


I had already identified a jeans sized hole in my Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe challenge, so I set about making another pair, but this time the fabric I used had 7% stretch. Back to Workspace-FADS and we redrafted the pattern so I now have a pattern for minimal stretch and a pattern for lots of stretch. Result!


These jeans are made from a gorgeous rust corduroy I bought at Textile Traders.


Whilst I was in the pattern making class we created my own pocket design, which is quite simple, but which I can replicate on all new jeans. It’s a bit hard to see but, unsurprisingly, it’s an “S” shape – I feel a bit like Zorro!


The instructions also call for an optional piece of leather on the waistband, so I found a small piece of a gorgeous khaki colour in Sarah’s stash and sewed it on. Unfortunately, it gets hidden under my belt.

FullSizeRender copy

I’ve worn both jeans quite a bit and they are hands down the most comfortable and best fitting jeans in my wardrobe. These rust ones go with all my other seasonal wardrobe makes and they will be fabulous over the winter monthsDSC07454


Blue jeans are worn with a gray t-shirt made from my self-drafted pattern and my Hitofude cardigan. Rust jeans are worn with black ruched top and striped Oslo cardigan.


37 thoughts on “A brace of Birkins

    1. The top part is from a pattern that was drafted as my jeans block in a pattern making class. It has taken several iterations to get the fill right.

  1. The pants look like great fun to wear and the bottom flare takes me back to
    the bell-bottom era. You achieved another great fit.

  2. Flares are so popular right now among bloggers, but I’m lagging behind the trend. Boot-cut jeans were the “flarest” style I’ve sported. I love both on you, especially the rust ones worn with your Oslo cardigan. So perfectly autumnal!

    1. I’m sure you can knock out a pair before they go out of fashion as they are only just in fashion! I didn’t like the tie die fabric at all really but it was cheap so I bought it. Now I’m quite smitten!

  3. Wow, you’re on a jean-making roll!! I especially love the rust coloured ones; mmmm, yummy colour and they must be gorgeously warm. I wonder if I can justify buying some more fabric for myself? 😉

  4. You look amazing Sue; both iterations are amazing. I used the Birkin pattern and found it very good for me, but then I have big hips/small waist. I liked the high waist and the comfortable but slim fit around the body with a (modified) flare. Very nice.

  5. Gerat looking jeans and I have never heard of the pattern before. Love the rust ones of course. Wish I had a workroom to get my pants to fit as good as yours.

  6. Great looking jeans and I have never heard of the pattern before. Love the rust ones of course. Wish I had a workroom to get my pants to fit as good as yours.

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