Another Plantain and some Moji

I made this Deer & Doe Plantain a few weeks ago when I was trying to get rid of a few scraps and thought a bit of colour blocking would be the go.


This is the first Plantain I’ve made that has no changes to the length or shape (see the others here and here), apart from the colour blocking. You can see that I managed to misjudge the top of the shoulders and the top of the sleeves. I’ve decided that I like the odd effect! IMG_5210

I decided that it would be the perfect camping top – it’s warm and so, so comfortable. IMG_5369

Clearly I have no idea where to put my hands in this photo! The blue fabric is a beautiful cotton knit with a brushed inside, and the white was a Spotlight remnant which is a brushed rib with almost no stretch, but perfect for this top.

My second make is the Seamwork Moji pants. I’ve seen loads of these on people’s blogs, and they all look fabulous, but mine? Not so much. Luckily I consider these a wearable muslin and used up some fabric that I didn’t care for too much. DSC07206

I just don’t like the fit. The drawstring means that they fall down if I’m not careful.DSC07209

here I am checking out the offending drawstring and noting that my cuff hasn’t been turned up properly – gah!DSC07218

I have to confess that I almost donated these trousers to the op shop, but when I was writing this post I realised that they might be much more comfortable if I replace the drawstring with elastic. And so it proved!




21 thoughts on “Another Plantain and some Moji

  1. Sue, you’re my sis’, you know…
    a) Drawstring pants won’t help my butt either, unless I wear them with something to hide the “offending” back waist.
    b) I litterally live in espadrilles like these in summertime.
    c) Colour blocking is my middle name.

  2. I have to tie drawstrings agonisingly tight to make them stay up. Not comfortable at all! I like the look and colour of your pants and I have had Plantain waiting to be printed for months. It’s time I tried it for myself.

  3. Like the pants, but see what you mean about the drawstring. Definitely agree with using drawstring elastic. Setting aside the obvious issue of a shared fabric addiction/fixation, I suffer from shoe envy. I suppose you bought those gorgeous navy espadrilles in Australia? Hoping maybe an online purchase. Have worn that style for decades, and until this past December in Texas, have not seen them in stores here in Canada. They do seem to be showing up in magazines, so hoping to add to my single find in December. Any thoughts? Thanks. Also enjoying your archived posts.

      1. Thanks! Missed your reply till today…it was before I turned on notifications. I’ll be checking those shoes.

  4. That top looks so cool. I really like the slightly off shoulders and the colours are great together. The trousers will be useful but it was a funny design to only include the drawstring. I’m pleased you rectified the situation. I’ve only ever made one Plaintain, actually I’m wearing it today, but I think I need more seeing yours.

  5. You are so good at putting a few scraps together to make a perfectly wearable garment. The Plantain is a great pattern and I made another on the weekend too. The pants are a lovely colour and look good. The addition of some elastic to the waist should solve the falling down problem.

  6. Thank you so very much for the reference to the Plantain pattern! I had just the right fabric in an upper layer of the stash(!) and knocked one off quickly, but there will be more in my future, too.

    1. Thanks Sharon, the block is actually 13 acres of natural bush with a bit of a clearing where we camp. There is a dam though, which is a bonus.

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