Striped Plantain, gently altered

Having so recently discovered the joys of the Plantain t-shirt, I wanted to make another one super quickly. I wanted a longer one (I saw one recently on Sewjeanmargaret‘s Instagram, which totally inspired me), and I had this lovely, heavy, drapey, viscose in my stash, with stripes, so no brainer!DSC07377

I made the hem level with the bottom of the black stripe which had the effect of dropping the sides, but decided this was one of those design features we all talk about!DSC07382

As well as lengthening the body, I modified the neck. I raised it by 2.5cm and then changed the shape. It’s a sort of rounded “v” now which I like very much. I spent longer on the neck than anything else. I didn’t want to finish it with a band, so eventually painstakingly turned it under and did a narrow coverstitch. DSC07386

I note that my pattern matching is pretty jolly good, but it doesn’t look like it in this photo above because I’ve pushed the sleeves up my arms.DSC07390

This is an easy, relaxing top to wear, and I am now officially a Plantain convert. Once again I’ve styled it with my StyleArc leggings (I need more of these!) and really elderly Bottega Veneta shoes.



24 thoughts on “Striped Plantain, gently altered

  1. This hack with leggings really bring out on one of your best features: long legs. Plantain forever! xoxo

  2. You look so good in this outfit! Your changes were perfect for this fabric and I can see your very good stripe matching!

  3. Oh, I LOVE this outfit–looks GREAT on you. Well done! YUP, gonna go search for that pattern in a few minutes. Whew, glad you pointed out the pushed up sleeves, didn’t see that at first. Your matching is spot on and like the stripes on this fabric.
    THANK YOU for your inspiration!

  4. What a great, comfortable look but smart as well. I think I am going to have to try that pattern!

  5. Great job. And not an hour ago did I send the pdf off to the printer so I can try this top I’ve seen so much on the Internet. So glad you posted about it. I wanted to lengthen mine to a short dress with a thinner knit I have And elbow length sleeves. I’ll also turn my neck opening down, but I’ll have to hand stitch it. I don’t have a serger

    1. A dress length with a thinner knit will be perfect. I did consider laying clear elastic along the neck and stitching it down, which I’ve found works well too. Good luck with yours!

  6. Thanks so much Sue for the mention. So glad my tunic version inspired you. It certainly is a great pattern and your striped version has turned out beautifully. I will be making more this weekend hopefully.

    1. You totally inspired me to make this one, Jean, so thank you. I am already planning my next – a colour blocked version, and I think I’ll make it longer again. So handy.

  7. You look 6’ tall in this outfit which is just fantastic, perfect stripe matching and ending the top on the black just continues the lenthg line.

  8. This looks fabulous lengthened to a mini-tunic Sue!! very gorgeous and shows off your lovely legs to perfection. The dropping at the sides is a “design feature” of course!

  9. I love that fabric!! I can’t get over the fact that you have so much jersey in your stash! I have close to 150 yards and less than 10% is jersey!!

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