Madder dyed shirt

Several moons ago (last year) I attended a natural dyeing course with my fellow One Year One Outfit-ers at Trudi Pollard‘s amazing studio. I bought some Cambodian silk from her and dyed it with her madder and this glorious fabric is the result!


I was exceedingly anxious about cutting into this precious fabric, but it’s “face your fears” month on my Facebook Stashbusting group and this fitted the bill perfectly. DSC07330-2

The shirt pattern is Vogue 2634 from 2002 which I bought in an op shop for 50¢, but I see that it’s still available on the Vogue website. Because I bought it in an op shop I didn’t have any choice for sizing, so mine is for a 32″ bust. Ahem!


I duly took it off to my pattern making class at Workspace-fads and Sarah and I redrafted the pattern to fit me. This is a fabulous pattern, and one of the things that intrigued me was the shape of the sleeve. IMG_3888

The placement of the seam means that it’s at the back rather than under the arm, which I rather like.


I made this shirt with flat felled seams rather than the French seams that I’m so partial to. Sarah pointed out that the flat felled seams are much less bulky and she’s right. Flat felled seams also look so nice.


This shirt also forms part of my Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe challenge and it goes really well with my new Hollyburn skirt


My Oslo cardigan is the perfect outer layer as the weather cools down, and I’ve also added a slip to the Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe, which is made from a luxurious stretch silk crepe and Vogue 8219, and which I am rather coyly displaying here :).


The shirt goes perfectly with my self-drafted black bengaline trousers and my orange Frye Jillian oxfords which I found, brand new, in a vintage store in New York. Here I am admiring them, although I hadn’t intended my trousers to fold over in that way – heh, heh.


So, how much more will I make for my Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe challenge? I have a couple of pieces to blog, but my mind keeps flitting to other things I could make!


35 thoughts on “Madder dyed shirt

  1. What a lovely colour, and perfect to make it into a classic blouse. What will you do with the linen? I’m slightly jealous of the shoes too! They do match beautifully. I think your seasonal wardrobe is a bit warmer than mine! The sun’s shining but I’m still in woollies.

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  2. This colour is so exquisite. I can’t tell you how I love the whole look with your new Hollyburn! And those shoes… how lucky you were to find them in NYC. What size? ‘Cause they’re just my style, you know.


  3. Lovely shirt made out of that special fabric. A nice way to remember the process. You are definitely exceeding yourself with this seasonal wardrobe and to top it off shoes as well!


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