Hollyburn skirt

I’ve had this skirt pattern in my stash for ages and, given my self-imposed rule for the Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe challenge where I have to use patterns not previously used, I found it and thought I’d give it a go.


It’s the Hollyburn skirt from Sewaholic and it’s a really nice pattern. I used this rather drab linen that I had bought to make Mark a shirt that didn’t eventuate, and I have to say that it’s perfect for a skirt. I have some left, so I think shorts may be in order for next summer. DSC07167

I made the skirt whilst camping at Easter, and I’m surprised it turned out so well as I tend to be a bit distracted by my surroundings!


When I packed the fabric, I didn’t think about topstitching, and then I decided that I wanted a contrasting thread. I was delighted to find some burnt sienna coloured thread in my camping stash, which I think contrasts really well with the khaki.

I finished the skirt but needed buttons. Once I was home I had a hunt in my stash and found two zylonite buttons from the 1950s. There was still a scrap of fabric attached to the back of the buttons, which is a bit of a clue that they may have come from my mother – she was in the habit of doing this!

IMG_5019 (1)

The buttons themselves are gorgeous and I’m so pleased to have them on something I know I’m going to wear often. button

I really like the pockets on this skirt, they are roomy and the construction was pretty simple – always a bonus!


The shape of the skirt is somewhere between an A-line and a half circle. It has a nice swish when I walk.


And of course it teams brilliantly with my new persimmon top, and both of my jackets, so this is item number nine in the challenge.




9 thoughts on “Hollyburn skirt

  1. I love this skirt Sue. I have considered buying this pattern several times but I’m not sure it would be flattering on my figure as I have a thick waist. It looks lovely on you and you have done an excellent job on the top stitching. The contrasting thread and orange buttons are a lovely details and it fits in with your seasonal wardrobe beautifully.

  2. I love everything about this skirt – contrasting top stitching, fabulous decorative buttons, knee length, etc. The fit is perfect and your styling is simply impeccable. I’m also fond (and envious, yes!) of your sewing place in the bush. That’s my conception of paradise on earth.

  3. Nice Skirt ! Is that a Elna Lotus machine you are using. I’ve been wanting one of those. Do you like the machine ? Is it a vey good working machine ?

  4. I have been considering moving away from my usual tailored style skirts and this just reinforces the idea. Great skirt, beautifully executed WHILE CAMPING! Amazing.

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