Drape drape 2 one piece side drape top

I made this before we went away in December and then forgot that I’d made it. I found it during a recent cull of clothing and was so delighted.


It’s from the drape drape 2 Japanese pattern book

side drape top

It’s the second garment I’ve made from this book (the asymmetrical top being the other one), and I can’t wait to make this particular top again!DSC07333

It goes brilliantly over my ruched tops, and teams well with my black Style Arc leggings and some black stretch trousers I made last year.


I find the baggy bit at the side a bit of a challenge. I keep wanting to turn it into a pocket and stick my hand in it.


and then a friend suggested that I pin it. I tried this, but couldn’t bear to stick a pin through the fabric, instead I used a magnet, which I quite like.


I’ve seen a lot of these around on various blogs and am pleased to have my own. Next one will be in a more wintry material with a better drape and perhaps some stripes. This one is a plain cotton knit, which would have been wonderful if I’d found it in time for the summer!



13 thoughts on “Drape drape 2 one piece side drape top

  1. I use the side cowl as a pocket too. I wouldn’t have thought of ‘pinning’ it but it looks great. I love the Drape Drape books but some of the designs look a little challenging to wear. You look fabulous in your dress so making more is a great idea.

  2. I think it’s nice without the magnet too. Love your styling with black resulting in a very graphic outfit. Do you like to wear it? I made this dress last summer but finally gave it away bc I wasn’t feeling comfortable about the shape. Now your version and something similar I’ve seen at the fashion museum (I’ll send you a pic) make me reconsider the pattern.

    1. I wasn’t sure at first, but I’ve now worn the top several times and can’t wait to make another. I think you should reconsider and totally own the odd shape ;).

  3. I’ve never been too sure about the Drape Drape patterns but I must say that your dress looks very nice. Being a pocket addict I would have to use the drape as one. I love the red with the black, so striking.

  4. This looks great on you Sue! but then again I suspect you look good in everything, I have to admit I would be tempted to use the drape as a pocket too! what a good idea for a design feature. It’s like a double win 🙂

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