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During May I fell off the wagon big time by buying 25 metres of fabric in the Knitwit sale, nearly all of it for $5 a metre.

I did manage to offload 5 metres on to my sister before she headed back to England (hehe!), but I still have a crazy amount of other fabric left (and hidden in my secret stashes!).

This jacket is the first item to be made and I thought it would be really useful; taking me from work to something like a cocktail party (because that always happens!).

You must forgive the grainy quality, but these photos were taken at night, prior to a family dinner.


The pattern is Kwik Sew 3952 a jacket with draped fronts and shawl collar. It has darts at the front neckline and the seams are on the outside. It has two lengths and a sleeved and sleeveless version. I thought it was the perfect pattern to make a reversible jacket from.



I chose to do the longer length with sleeves. I made it from an amazing boiled wool fabric that is plain on one side and foiled on the other which is why I thought that it needed to be made into something reversible.

I decided to wash the fabric before I started and it dried really fast, although it was slightly damp on the edges so I whacked it into the dryer – tough love was going on here! I figured that this jacket might need to be able to withstand rough treatment, and now I’m not sure why.



I have attempted to tidy up those shoulder seams since taking these photos, but it is like evening up table legs, I was certain that I was going to cut the sleeves right out! I’m also a bit rumpled because I had been sitting about in it, although I noticed that the creases dropped out quite quickly

I don’t generally like shawl collars and open jackets, but this one is big enough to make me feel that I can fold it right across my body, it is warm, incredibly light and really comfortable.

I decided that the grainy pics just didn’t do it for me so rushed outside to take some without me in the coat. Much better. You can see the colour properly and the foiling.


I decided to add little split cuffs that would fold either way and am pleased that I did. I think they are a nice detail.

Here is the blingy side. I have to say that I feel a bit like Liberace when I put it on this way, so I may never do this!


This was a super quick make because I didn’t have to finish off seams or edges. Next time I will use a blade to cut out, but I will probably still get ragged edges. I have got about a metre left over so I am going to see if I can buy a little bit more and squeeze a jacket out for Bridgette.

The details: Pattern is Kwik Sew 3952, fabric is foiled boiled wool (try saying that quickly!) from Knitwit. Not much else to say really :).




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