Red Leopard Nettie


I have to confess that I was not going to jump on the Nettie bodysuit bandwagon – I have this bodysuit pattern that I’ve had since the ’80s – Vogue 2371


but it’s just a bit too ’80s, so jump on the bandwagon I did!



So introducing my red leopard Nettie! I had no idea about sizing, so went with an 8 for the top grading down to a 2 at the bottom – weird shape huh?

I was worried about the length – it is designed for an average sized woman of 5’6″ and I am about 5’4″ (on a good day and standing slightly on tippy toe!) but I wasn’t keen to reduce the length ‘cos there’s nothing worse than a short bodysuit. However, now I’ve made it, it could be a tad shorter in the body, but not enough to bother me.







The shoulders are fairly narrow – I can’t decide if this is deliberate or not, but on reflection I quite like my sleeves being halfway across my shoulders!DSC09063DSC09066

I’ve made two of these bodysuits now. They are a very quick make, although I did need to consult the sewalong to sort out the gusset snaps. I have now worn this one a couple of times to test its comfort and it passes with flying colours. I don’t get any creeping at the back and it is really warm to wear.

The fabric is a soft cotton lycra remnant that I bought at The Fabric Store in Auckland, NZ and I have enough left over to make a lingerie set. The fabric does show the white inside when it’s stretched out too much so in retrospect it’s probably good that it’s a bit long.



Closet Case Files Nettie bodysuit made from a cotton lycra fabric bought in New Zealand. Pants are very old and the elastic has not officially given up the ghost. The belt is made by me and the boots are Paul Green.



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  1. I am a huge fan of the bodysuit. Wolfords used to make some amazing ones. Yours sits really well.

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