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Does anyone remember the last time I attempted a peplum? It has taken me this long to have another go, and this time I used Vogue 8815. I know, peplums have probably fled the fashion scene, I’m always late to the party, but perhaps I’m early to the next one! As usual the outfit has […]

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Another pencil skirt

Honestly, the titles of my posts are becoming more mundane by the day. I need another theme! Anyway, I made another pencil skirt following the sloper I made using So Sew Easy’s wonderful tutorial. Not a lot to say about this skirt really. It fits me better than the green one as I finally decided […]

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White shirt

During the February Stashbust Sewalong, which was about sewing for loved ones, Archie requested that I make him black and white shirts. I made the black one, and here is the white one! He thought the sleeves were a bit long and I couldn’t be bothered making them shorter, so I rolled them up. I […]

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Dropped stitch top and pattern

You will remember when I posted my any colour┬átop that I promised that I would put up a pattern for a modified version. Well here it is! Dropped stitch top I’ve also created a page which is accessible from the top menu. When I was knitting it I was nervous that the neck wouldn’t be […]

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Dammit Janet

Yes, we went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and I went as Janet (or a very vague facsimile thereof!). I gave tickets to Mark and Bridgette for their respective birthdays and Tom and I went along for the ride. My dress is made from an original 1960 Butterick pattern. It says 34″ bust, but […]

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Many pieces

I have noticed that, on the rare occasions when I cook, I look for recipes with 3-5 ingredients. In a moment of wild introspection I realised that I am doing the same thing with sewing patterns, resulting in a seemingly endless array of shapeless shifts. What to do? Well, go pattern shopping of course! First […]

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