From stashbuster to stashbustee!

I was going pretty well with my stashbusting pledge and then my sister came for a visit – dropping off this!


Yes, she had a little clean out and this is her entire stash now sitting on my floor! Gah!! Mind you, I was pretty impressed with how small it is – mine would probably cover the floor of a very large room!

I spent a fairly (un)happy hour going through it and decided that I wouldn’t keep anything that had polyester in it (my least favourite fabric), so lots of burn testing (and burnt fingers) and I reduced it to about half. I also ditched anything that I deemed too matronly or frumpy. I did keep that navy blue cotton at the top right in case, one day, I might get a small boy to sew for! Mind you, a big boy might like it …

I did discover several pieces of polka dotted cotton amongst it all, so not a complete fail. There were also a few patterns, mostly for little girls (and fairly vintage), so I squirrelled those away too!

I was quite intrigued – my sister obviously has the same urge to buy remnants that I have – is this genetic??

OK, back to some serious stashbusting, I’m now going to have to work overtime!


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