Penguin pullovers

Gabrielle from Heaven Wrapped in Claremont (one of my favourite hangouts!) alerted me to this worldwide call for penguin pullovers for fairy penguins caught in oil spills. Apparently they lose their waterproofing so they get cold and the jumpers also stop them preening the oil out of their feathers, which poisons them.

[update: the above link contains the pattern needed]

I was thrilled. I could stashbust my yarn and these little penguins would get the benefit. Here is my first attempt. This yarn was actually my mother’s and she will be so happy when I show her this little jumper. I suspect she will immediately try to knit one – pretty tough with arthritic fingers.


This one is a bit plain, but I was working out how to do it. A trawl of the internet has shown some very creative efforts. I might get round to some stripes, but I won’t be doing any patterns.  What about any of you? Joining me in the Penguin Pullover drive?


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