Itch to Stitch Hvar Jacket

I was lucky enough to test another of Kennis Wong’s patterns and this time it was the Hvar Jacket. This is a short jacket that uses woven fabric and features

  • An unlined bodice with optional Hong Kong seam finish
  • A graceful waterfall collar
  • Chic pointed front hem
  • Long sleeves

My first one was made from a beautiful wool, black with white spots which looks grey from a distance. I originally bought the fabric for trousers, but couldn’t quite make the decision to cut the trousers out. Now I know why I was waiting. This fabric is a perfect match to the jacket.IMG_5868

This was an ideal winter jacket and I felt quite pulled together whilst wearing it. IMG_5888

It is finished throughout with Hong Kong binding and I chose to use some leopard print binding – because I could. Naturally I didn’t quite have enough fabric as I only bought enough for trousers, so I have a join at the centre back collar which can just be seen in this photograph. Of course I managed to put the collar on the wrong way round so the join is visible, but chose not to unpick it as this fabric doesn’t take well to unpicking.IMG_5793

Since I made the jacket the pattern has changed a little which has improved the fit across the back.


I’ve loved wearing this jacket with the trousers I made from my Refashioners2017 adventure, it just seems like the perfect combination. I was going to make a third jacket to test the new pattern, but I’ve had to rush off to Tasmania, so it didn’t get made – yet!

I also made a spring version and this is my favourite. I used some silk fabric that I had bought at a garage sale (a very upmarket garage sale) and thought that I had enough fabric to easily get the jacket cut out, but no, although I had plenty of meterage, the fabric was narrow, so yes, once again I have a join on the collar, but this time it’s underneath, so not visible.

IMG_6219-1 (dragged)

The jacket reminds me of gelato ice cream. It has pale green and white stripes and lots of coloured threads woven through.


I spent hours trying to match the stripes of the body to the collar and finally had to match them from the right side and topstitch the two seams together, which worked a treat. Here is the mandatory closeup


Some of these photographs are taken outside a shop called “Word of Mouth” in a country town called Nannup, which is about three hours south of Perth and it is the closest town to our holiday place (known as the country estate). The town hosts an annual flower show and the shop has set up this marvellous display. I love the way the jeans have been stuffed with soil and planted with flowers. I couldn’t resist a photo of me checking out one of the pairs!


This is a perfect pattern for trans-seasonal wear, no matter where in the world you live. I’ve worn my summery version on several occasions and had loads of compliments on it. Today I wore it in Hobart as I went out and about organising some family things and finding amazing flowering plants and the views for which Hobart is famous.


I teamed it with my yellow Taylor skirt and a new self-drafted top. IMG_6576

As usual, Itch-to-Stitch offers a fabulous discount if you buy the pattern on release – get it here. There is a bonus though: Kennis was robbed whilst on holiday and for one week only is having a “just got robbed sale” of six of her patterns for just $5 each. Truly, some of my favourite patterns are on this list. All her other patterns are also in the sale and reduced by 20%. Help Kennis recover from losing all the tools of her livelihood (yep, they stole her sewing machine, laptop and camera) by giving some of these patterns a try if you haven’t already; details are at the bottom of her blog post.


25 thoughts on “Itch to Stitch Hvar Jacket

  1. So sad she got robbed and that they even took away her sewing/working tools! I’ll get to her sale page in a moment, but let me tell you that your spring jacket is especially fabulous. In fact, both are very elegant. (I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw that picture where you’re pinching – I mean checking out – these awesome flower pots!)

    1. I’m glad you appreciate my bottom pinching. If you don’t have the Lisbon cardigan, it’s worth buying. It’s so sad she got robbed – they even took her underwear!

  2. Both jackets are gorgeous and I absolutely LOVE all your photos!!! Those pants with dirt and flowers pushing the wheelbarrow caught my attention immediately! 🙂

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