Itch-to-Stitch: a giveaway!

Anyone who follows Kennis Wong from Itch-to-Stitch will know that she recently went on holidays and came home to find that her house had been burgled and almost nothing was left untouched. She lost all the tools of her trade, and needs help getting back on her feet (insurance in her home town isn’t what we are used to). In the spirit of sewers uniting everywhere, I would like to support and promote Kennis and Itch-to-Stitch patterns by offering one of my followers a $5 pattern. There are six to choose from, just go to the Itch-to-Stitch shop to check them out and make your choice. Even if you don’t win here, you might decide that $5 is a small price to pay for one of these patterns, or perhaps  one of her other patterns, all of which are discounted by 20% until 31 October.

If you need a few gentle reminders as to some of her patterns, I’ve made a lot, but here are some of my all time favourites:

Her latest release is the Hvar Jacket. This is a versatile jacket which is ideal for trans-seasonal wear. I have made two of these.IMG_6219-1 (dragged)IMG_5868

She has a free pattern, which everyone should have, because, well, it’s free! It’s the Lago Tank and here is one of my versions.


One of my most favourite patterns is the Lisbon Cardigan, which was also one of the patterns of the year in 2016 on Pattern Review. DSC09065

This pattern is excellent for hacking – I turned it into this jacket, which I have brought with me on my current trip to Tasmania


If you are in the mood for a cardigan, there is also the Paro cardigan, which is also a fabulous trans-seasonal design which has a most flattering back view.


My Tierra woven joggers are one of my most worn makes and are perfect for all seasons. I have these in light cotton and heavy wool. They make a really nice change from the stretch joggers and I find that I can transition them from casual to fairly smart by changing my tops.

Here I have teamed a pair made from some Morrison fabric with one of my several Lisbon cardigans.


I have never blogged this black pair but I am surprised they are not in pieces as I’ve worn them so much. Again I included them in my Tasmania and Melbourne wardrobe and they have been perfect in the variable weather conditions so typical of Tasmania and Melbourne at this time of the year. Here I am in front of some knitted teacosies which are being auctioned for dementia research. They are in the lobby of the Hotel Windsor in Melbourne, where I am currently ensconced.


If you have never made an Itch-to-Stitch pattern now is the time to try! I love the fact that they are thoroughly tested, are beautifully designed, have a layered feature on the PDF (you only print the size/s you need), they go together brilliantly and they have a universal appeal.

Kennis is currently offering six of her patterns for an all time low price of $5. I am offering one follower of my blog and one follower of my Instagram account a $5 pattern of their choice. The offer ends on Tuesday, 31 October at 4pm Perth time (AWST), which may be early in the morning in some parts of the world, so don’t delay. All you have to do is make sure you are following me, and leave a comment. I will choose each winner via a number generator. The patterns on offer are:

So. Would you like one of these patterns? Please make sure you are following me and comment with which pattern you might choose, should you be the lucky winner. We won’t hold you to your choice though!

A final photo of my Tierra joggers pictured on the magnificent staircase at the Hotel Windsor, Melbourne.IMG_6776


75 thoughts on “Itch-to-Stitch: a giveaway!

  1. Did you know the link to the Irena top actually goes to the Sirena dress pattern? Might be a wee bit confusing for anyone who doesn’t know Kennis’s patterns. Btw, if I won I’d love either of the skirt patterns; already have the joggers one!

  2. I love your havr jackets. Think I may make one! Also that is a great hack of the cardigan. I wanted a zip jacket and was looking for a pattern – never even thought of adapting the cardie pattern I already own!!!!
    I’ve added you to my Bloglovin as I love all these makes.

  3. The Vientiane skirt is pretty! I am so sad that violations like burglary happen in the world; and yet, I am overjoyed that there are so many caring people willing to give people a hand back up when they feel like their lives are unraveling. Thank you for helping Kennis and her family.

  4. Great blog post, I’ve not made any of Kennis’ patterns before, but will definitely be doing so now and supporting her in her difficult times. Your garments all look amazing. I’d love to win the Tierras Woven Joggers pattern if I was so lucky – after seeing them on your blog, they’re a must have!

  5. That’s so kind of you! I’ve not tried Itch to Stitch yet. Out of the offered patterns, I think I’d go with the Irena top. It looks the most nursing friendly, and therefore is the most immediately wearable. (though I’m intrigued by Paulina as well!)

  6. I just bought Seville, so I think I’d like to add Vientiane as well. 🙂 I’m not a joggers person and the tops won’t be flattering on my figure unfortunately… Still eyeing Hvar as well, though I already have a similar pattern somewhere…

  7. Thank you for a great read and lovely pictures of your sewing throughout the months.
    Tierra pattern, because pants will be a challenge for me, however I’m always inspired by others who sew and blog ITS patterns.

  8. I don’t know which pattern I would choose… it’s pretty evenly split between the Seville and the Paulina.

    However, I am wondering about your picture of the Lago, you showed sleeves? Have you blogged about this before and explained how you did the sleeves? I would love to learn more!

      1. Ah! So you did! I did not see that at first. Well, it looks great either way. Thank you!

  9. I love so many of Kennis’ Patterns, but they are much more fancy than my usual wardrobe. However, I am tempted to try the Tierra joggers. Thank you for the chance to win!

  10. All of your fashions look so great that its hard to make a choice but it the Woven joggers for me . Thanks so much !

  11. What a great initiative! I have admired Itch to Stitch for ages but yet to make anything. Today I bought Hvar jacket and Brasov top in support. I’d be interested in Vientiana skirt as part of your give away 🙂

  12. I love the look of all of them but the Carey looks fun. Whether I win one or not, I’m definitely buying some patterns.

  13. I’m new to this designer and participating in a sew along soon. The vientiane-skirt will go nicely!

  14. As always a great post and love how you have styled all these different patterns. I have never tried an Itch to Stitch pattern but will have to do so now. Choices, choices, but the woven joggers are particularly tempting.

  15. I’m already planning on buying the vientiane skirt, and probably the Carrie, but Kennis had an awesome ankle zip hack for the joggers that would be fun to try.

  16. What a lovely classic skirt the Seville is but you’ve sold me on the Tierra’s joggers! Thankyou for introducing me to her patterns

  17. Since I feel privileged to be one of your friends, I won’t participate in your giveaway, dear Sue, but I’ve already made my way to Kennis’ shop and bought two patterns: the Lisbon cardigan and the Anza dress/jumpsuit. I loved your amazing iteration of the Lisbon cardigan when you came to visit in Montréal and, of course, I shall copycat again. As for the Anza dress/jumpsuit, this is a style I love and somehow this pattern had slipped under my radar. Thanks for this great review, Sue!

  18. What a great fashion ITS fashion show. Kennis knows how to make a beautiful pattern but it’s the sewist who shows the version. All you versions are looking awesome and it’s so nice to see a lot to them together in one ITS blogpost.

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