Itch to Stitch Paro Cardigan

I was lucky enough to once again test a pattern for Itch-to-Stitch. This time it’s the Paro Cardigan, and this one promises to become an absolute wardrobe staple. If you haven’t seen the Itch-to-Stitch designs, go and have a look – they are well drafted – just look at the way all those pleats align – and very reasonably priced (this one is currently $8.00), and you can use a print-shop version, or print it at home, where the layered PDF is offered so you don’t have a gazillion lines to navigate.

The first one I made was from some cheetah print mesh that I bought in Fiji when I was there a few years ago. This was my only fabric souvenir from Fiji and I’ve often done the whole “what was I thinking” when I’ve looked at it, but it proved to be perfect for a summer version of this cardigan.


The cardigan took about 4 hours from printing the pattern to taking the first lot of photos. However, when I took the first set of photos, I noticed that the bottom fronts looked strange, and upon closer examination, I discovered that I sewed them on incorrectly, so there was a lot of unpicking and resewing. More than 4 hours then…!

As is often the way with me, I love the back view, and seem to have more photos of the back than the front. Here are a couple:dsc08513dsc08505

You will note that the fabric has a cheetah print, which means that, yes, it’s eligible for Jungle January. Huzzah! To celebrate, I donned the pith helmet once again and explored the, er, Frangipani.dsc08509

I chose a lovely vintage button for this cardigan, but wondered if it is a bit too small.


As is often the way with these things, one version was not enough. I immediately decided that I needed to try a second one. This time I went down a size, because I kept feeling that the mesh one was slightly too big, and I used some cotton knit that Mark bought me when he went to Hobart on his own.


This is another piece of fabric that I had no idea what to do with, but, once again, it’s perfect for this cardigan! The cat button is actually a button glued onto a magnet, which I find very useful for all sorts of things. I couldn’t decide on a button, so have left it off until I find the perfect one.


I seem to have a bit more pulling on the shoulders with this size, but it may be the way I’ve carelessly pulled it on . I am wondering whether a small shoulder pad would help pull those wrinkles out. Hmm. I will resolve the collar issue by rolling it down into a shawl collar, which also looks nice.


Since making this test version the pattern has altered slightly and the back neck now has a strip of interfacing to stop the collar rolling. This is quite necessary as I found that several of my photos had that little roll at the neck like in the photo above. I did add a line of coverstitching around the neck band to stop it flipping out when I had the cardigan open, and this did work well.


I was dogsitting Heidi and she was determined to photo bomb my shots, so I couldn’t resist sharing one (or two!). dsc08479

I am very much looking forward to making a winter version or two of this pattern. It’s that lovely cross between a jacket and a cardigan, and can be dressed up or down. I’m still undecided about the sizing, but think that the size of the cheetah version probably fits me better.


27 thoughts on “Itch to Stitch Paro Cardigan

  1. Interesting cardigan/jacket with the waist band and the pleats. I do like the mesh version and this would be great for those cool nights but you don’t want too much extra on. So lovely to see Heidi, she is a very good looking dog.

  2. Great versions of the Paro cardigan. They suit you well. The cat button is so funny and is very nice detail. The second version almost looks like a blouse and reminds me a little bit of the la chemise Bruyère pattern by Deer&Doe.

  3. Heidi is eyeing off that cat button! This looks like a great pattern and I like both your versions, especially the mesh one. Yes, who’d have thought that cheetah print mesh would be a winner!?

    1. Maybe she was, she was licking her lips! Exactly my thoughts about the cheetah mesh – why would I have bought that?? Worked well in the end though.

  4. Lovely cardigan and the pith helmet certainly enforces the Jungle look. You are all set for some exploring, what kind is up to you!!!

  5. Both versions look wonderful on you – nice testing job! Love your styling, especially with the cat button and your slim pants. Heidi seems to appreciate too!

  6. I like both versions a lot! The shape is so flattering and the different fabrics make the cardigans look like they’ve been sewn from different patterns.

    1. It’s actually a nice pattern, and I think a winter one from woolly fabric would look different again. I have the woolly fabric ready to go when the weather gets cold!

  7. Both versions are great and can see how they will become wardrobe staples. And Heidi is a magnificently beautiful dog and complements your photos well!

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