Jungle January 2017 with props

I made a new top for summer from some leopard print rayon knit that I have had in my stash since before I retired. I bought it for an entirely a different purpose, but as is often the way, I got distracted and the fabric has been malingering ever since.


I think that one of the reasons I didn’t ever make this fabric up is the pattern matching, which scared me a bit. Those wide bands would look shocking if they were misaligned. As it was, it was easy peasy to match them up, I am happy to say.


The back of this pattern has a diagonal split with bands down either side. Because my fabric is so busy it is almost impossible to tell that this is happening until the opening at the bottom. The pattern is Kwik Sew 4175 and the photo here shows much more clearly what’s going on at the back.


and here is mine, clearly showing the back split as it got caught up whilst I was trying to get these photos. I should note that the back is actually open from the shoulder, but this is the extent of the gaping open, so no issues with flashing!


The pattern description states: Pullover tops have round neckline with a self-fabric neck band, bias tape armhole finish and overlapping backs with back bands. A: Sleeveless. B:Contrast cap sleeve, neck band and single back band. I did view B but without the contrasting bands and sleeves.

Can I say that I really like this pattern? I went down a size because I was using a knit, but forgot that I have managed to go down at least a dress size, so I feel as though this is a little big. I was also chatting to the owner of Knitwit (who sells these patterns) and she said that the pattern ran a little large anyway. I shall have to go down a couple of sizes next time. The neckline is a little wide and the armholes are quite deep, which is a tad annoying, but cool in this hot weather.

In case you are thinking that the fabric isn’t very jungly, I thought this too, until I read the selvedge, which clearly states “leopard”, so I felt justified in entering the top in Jungle January, which is such a fun thing to do.


Because I was a bit dubious about the fabric, I decided to add some props for these photos: A pith (or is that safari?) helmet and a fan which was given to me in Fiji.


I’m loving this pith helmet – it won’t be the last time you see it!

And a last one of me, in my garden, clearly on the lookout for Dr Livingstone. However, I feel as though I’m coming off a bit “hello sailor”! Ah well…


Rayon knit is from Spotlight, Pattern is Kwik Sew 4175, white trousers are self drafted,  and the grey trousers are StyleArc Barb pants (never blogged that I can see). Next up, a colour blocked version of this top, and a woven version. I really like it!



32 thoughts on “Jungle January 2017 with props

  1. I like this top, though I agree the armholes are quite low so I must try to remember that when I make it up, which I will. By the way you say the pattern is 7175, but it is 4175 as on th pattern itself. . Anyway thanks for the heads up on this – I will order it with my next batch an hope I look as good as you.

  2. I saw that pattern and wasn’t too excited – now that I saw yours, I will take another look……and those red shoes – gorgeous!!!!

      1. Thanks for the tip – just bought it and a few other Kwik Sew Patterns I have been coveting! Does that make you an enabler?

  3. How funny! I was puzzled all through post, wondering when the jungle print would appear. True this rayon knit might not look very jungly but it is gorgeous anyway, and with the props, your ensemble is perfect for the January Jungle challenge. Now I can understand why you love this pattern – it is totally you. Lovely!

  4. I love that pattern–and the fabric is perfect for it! That fabric would have stayed in my stash awhile, too, before I figured out what to do with it, and you really nailed it!

  5. This top looks lovely on you even though you feel it’s a little on the big side! Love the props – they certainly add to the Jungle January theme and your shoes are gorgeous!!

  6. I do love your “Hello Sailor” top with its risqué back slit! It does look better with the pattern matching. I’m going through a bit of an adjustment with my top. Three fittings and I think I finally have it right. It’s those knit fabrics and those large patterns!

  7. What a nice print and great pattern matching. I think the top fits you well, I like that it is a little wider. I am excited to see his it fits when you make it a couple of sizes smaller.

  8. Nice one! I’m glad you cleared up the ‘leopard’ issue, I wasn’t seeing it either lol I too, love my pith helmet, what better thing to wear for summer steampunking?

  9. I may have already commented about this cute top in the FB group….. but have to say it is one of my favorites! Love that split in the back. 🙂

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