Where did you get that hat?

I do like that song :). I wasn’t going to blog this hat as it’s pretty basic, but I couldn’t find any reviews, so thought I’d write one.

I’ve made quite a few hats in my time and not one of them has been what I call a good fit, so I decided to have yet another go, using Kwik Sew 4164, because it has several sizes based on head circumference, and yes, it fits!


KS4164 has a wide brim that goes all the way round the side, giving my ears good coverage, but not my actual back, so the hat is relegated to early morning walks. I really like the ties at the back,  which are supposed to allow fit adjustment, although with my small head they are tied as tightly as I could get them. img_9432

I like Kwik Sew patterns; they are invariably well drafted and often have exactly the features I’m looking for.


This hat can be a visor as well, with the crown unbuttoning from the brim. I didn’t add the buttons to this version as I was considering it a wearable toile. I made the hat from scraps using some red and white linen leftover from a now defunct dress, and lining it with red silk leftover from the lining of my red raincoat. I accidentally interfaced the lining instead of the outside of the hat, hence the crispy looking lining


Even though this was a practice run, I couldn’t resist using the coverstitch machine to decorate the brim, using some variegated thread to create a bit more interest. I am quite pleased with the effect. I started out with the three needle coverstitch, but much preferred the look of the two needle for this application.


This was an easy make, taking about three hours tops, including faffing around with the coverstitching. The pattern calls for the brim to be interfaced with fusible fleece interfacing and the crown with regular interfacing. Now that I’ve made the hat, I think I would change this, so that the crown has the softer interfacing and the brim has stiffer interfacing as it’s just a tad floppy, although it gives brilliant shade. Because I didn’t put the buttons round the hat band, I found it quite difficult to sew on smoothly. When I make it next time I shall cut the hat band on the bias so that it curves round the hat more smoothly – I have a few wrinkles where I’ve eased it on. Apart from these minor issues, I found the hat fun to make and the pattern instructions are clear and easy to follow.


I was on my morning walk and Mark took the photos for me. The top is Vogue 1247 again, and the shorts are quite old now and I’ve forgotten which pattern I used. I do like them though, so I’m going to have to work out how to make another pair. Excuse the nobbly knees!


26 thoughts on “Where did you get that hat?

  1. I love the decorative stitching, I just recently got a coverstitch machine and I’m still discovering all the different things I can do with it. That looks amazing.

  2. A morning walk wearing shorts, light top and summer hat… (sigh) While I love our cold and crisp winters with lots of snow and ski and all, I can’t help but yearn for summer when I look at your lovely pictures. This new hat looks nice and handy, especially for a “practice run”.

  3. Love the hat & the coverstitch work is lovely! Where are you walking? Looks beautiful while we are getting snow in Wisconsin!

  4. I love the decorative stitching. Good that you’ve found a hat pattern that works for you. I’ve never made a hat nor used a Kwik Sew pattern so plenty of things for me to think about there.

  5. Lovely decorative stitching. I must investigate coverstitch machines. I thought they were only for hemming garments.

  6. Your hat is so cool! I like the little tie at the back. You’re so right, hats are an essential for use here at this time of year, I’m wearing mine constantly 🙂

  7. Hat looks great! I must say I’m a fan of Kwik Sew too. The patten envelope pictures aren’t always the best but the patterns are always great. I always wonder if that Kerstin person who’s name is on the patterns really does design them all.

  8. Sounds fun and looks fun, too! The coverstitch applications make for such a nice effect. I wonder if I might need a coverstitch machine. I definitely need a hat now!

  9. Looking at your photos, I feel like I’m on a vacation! I’ve never tried sewing a hat, but now that you mention it, it kind of looks like fun!

  10. You’ve made an absolutely lovely hat! Had no idea the back was so pretty with the ties and really like the way the coverstitching detail looks on the brim. Looks fun to wear too.

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