Another pair of wide legged trousers

I loved my original pair of wide-legged trousers so much that I made another pair, this time from quite a crisp cotton drill that I bought in Spotlight last year .DSC05591

These are as lovely to wear as the first pair, but they are quite different. Unlike the first pair, they don’t have much drape, and the fit is much firmer.

I wore them for a trip to the fabric stores in Mumbai. I can’t believe that I didn’t find many stores and it was because we relied on the driver to find them, whereas I normally have a list prepared before I leave home.


What’s interesting in India is that all the assistants are male and you get several accommodating your every whim. I thought you’d like to see a selection of fabric available, it is pretty overwhelming. They pulled out fabric that they thought I’d like which was a bit embarrassing as it’s exactly what I didn’t like! I did find a gorgeous remnant in here.


Another view of the trousers in the hotel lobby which looks out over lakes and the swimming pools. The hotel is pretty swish by Australian standards and bears no resemblance to the hotel I stayed in last time I was in Mumbai in the 1970s.

The back view, not a lot to see here!


Being white, they went with most of my tops. Here I have teamed them with a red silk dupion Akita from Seamwork Magazine. This is the first one I made, the second one I blogged here. I really enjoy wearing these tops, they are loose enough to be cool without being baggy or boxy, and they can be made longer or shorter quite easily.


I notice that many of my photographs include food and fabric, so I thought I’d better find some other ones which may be of more interest. We visited the famous Gateway of India in Mumbai, which was built to honour King GeorgeV and Queen Mary, and was also used by other British dignitaries when they arrived in the city. It is now blocked off and tourists can only walk round it.


OK, had to do the cheesy tourist thing – again!


and a better shot of the Akita top. The building in the background is the Taj Hotel which was attacked a few years ago. I think this, and a few other events have meant that security in India is beyond tight, which was quite comforting.


What I’m wearing: Wide-legged trousers from a customisable pattern block designed by Sarah from Workspace-FADS. She is developing this pattern for sale, so I shall keep you posted when she releases it. In the early photos I am wearing this  Scout T from Grainline Studio, and then the Akita top from Seamwork Magazine made from silk dupion that Mark bought me on one of his trips to Sri Lanka. I am wearing Reiker’s shoes that I bought in Sweden, but they are looking pretty beaten up. The hat is one I made last year. Mark is wearing a shirt I made for Archie, which got passed on, and some trousers which I’ve previously blogged with the same shirt.


17 thoughts on “Another pair of wide legged trousers

  1. You’ve probably had a bunch of comments like this one I’m posting “please, keep blogging about India”. It’s so interesting to watch your outfits on these exotic decors. Sewing and traveling works so well together!

  2. thank you so much for sharing all your photos of your travels! it’s been marvellous and your self-made wardrobe has been just lovely. I LOVE this red top. I’ve ben looking for fabric this vibrant for a while and haven’t found it, so I’ll just enjoy looking at yours. See you soon!? 🙂

  3. The Akita top did not appeal to me when I perused the last edition of Seamwork magazine, but I do love your version in red dupion silk and I might give it a try next summer. Following your itinerary in pictures is always such a joy! Thanks, Sue.

    1. I am surprised that I like the Akita top, Hélène, but it’s so simple that I couldn’t resist, and I’m sure I’ll make more. I’m glad you are enjoying my travels!

  4. India is in my to-go list but I think I needed somebody to go with! Lovely outfit! I think your top and white, wide pants looks great together. It was a good idea to wear something light, too. How was the weather like when you were there?

    1. thank you Kayla. The weather was pretty hot, but similar to home, so it didn’t phase me too much. I think you do need to have someone to go to India with, or go with a tour group.

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