New tops are the tops!

I’ve been pretty busy this month and I’ve made a couple more tops, both of which I really like – hence the statement that my tops are the tops…

I had another go at Kwik Sew 4175, going down a size and raising the neck a little. This time I used a remnant from Knitwit and I was so surprised when I looked at these photos, to see the random orange blocks of colour – I would have sworn this was a really even pattern. I do have a slightly embarrassing pattern placement on one side, but I looked at this top a few times in the mirror and didn’t notice any of this, so assume that no-one else will notice either (except you as I’ve kindly pointed it out 🙂 ).


I used a contrasting cotton knit for the back, also a remnant from Knitwit. This is magnificent fabric and I’ve bought quite a bit of it over the years. I also love the colour.


I couldn’t get my head round having a single colour band round the neck, so I matched the fabrics front and back.


I have worn this top a couple of times already; it’s comfortable and I feel nice in it. The trousers are so old that I have forgotten what the pattern was.

The other top has a story, so brace yourselves! You might remember that a while ago I bought some fabric in an op shop, only to find it was all cut up, and then I discovered that it was, in fact, a top, which I called my Leap of Faith top, as I made it without having a clue how it was supposed to finish up . Well, this is a variation on that theme: I found this lovely cotton lace that I know was sold by Knitwit (because I have some in my stash already 🙂 ) and thought I’d better buy it because, you know, op shop prices! It cost 50cents, but when I got it home I found this – yes, another half made top, but this one is an easy fix


I wasn’t sure why it had been recycled, but assume that it was just tacked together, with no effort to match the seams


Luckily the stitching just pulled out, no unpicking required as there was no backtacking!

I pulled out my t-shirt block, created during my pattern-making class,  and laid it on and could see that I had plenty of fabric to work with


I made it as long as I could and went wide down the sides. I had been puzzled as to why this project had been abandoned, but think it was because the top had been cut with the stretch going down and not across. This did worry me, but the top worked out well.

There was another small piece of fabric in the bundle and I managed to get sleeves from this – with the stretch going the correct way. I used the selvedge edge as the frill at the bottom of the sleeves, and simply turned under the neckline and hem and coverstitched them.


It’s a little see through, but I decided not to be too worried by this. These are both perfect tops when the weather isn’t overly hot, which it hasn’t been this week. dsc08634

I bought a bit of other fabric from the same op-shop visit and will be sewing it soon. Trousers are Vogue 8859 in white stretch cotton and are quite a few years old now.


28 thoughts on “New tops are the tops!

  1. What a fantastic refashiong/fabric recycling work! Lovely sleeve details on the laced top. They are both gorgeous.

  2. Both tops look fabulous (and you aren’t allowed to complain about the weather – I’m considering putting ANOTHER sweater on indoors! – and yes, the heating is on 🙁 )

  3. The lace has made such a beautiful top – I would love it. Can’t imagine how warm it must be to be wearing tops like that – I have a thermal vest under my rather heavier one – and I’m sitting by the fire.

      1. High 20s would be amazing even in the summer here in the hills. I am usually sleeveless when it gets to 20. Mid 20s would be as hot as I could live with, well & do anything anyway.

  4. Both are lovely but the lace top is stunning! Well done! I also use a lot of Knitwit fabrics, just great quality, although I buy everything from them online, being on the opposite coast!

    1. LOL Lynne, I live a 15 minute walk away – mind you, it’s a bit deadly. I always try to buy from them as they don’t do cheap Chinese fabrics and I can’t smell formaldehyde on everything!

      1. Yes, I know the feeling. I can walk there in under 15 minutes from my house, and call in frequently when I’m travelling down Stirling Highway. We definitely need to catch up for a coffee when you are settled!

  5. These look so nice on you. I really like the cross back feature on the first top and the cool nature of the lace top look perfect for your summer.

  6. Both tops look great on you Sue. I especially like the lace top. you obviously had enough fabric in the ‘op shop find’ to include sleeves. I love the pants. Are they pull-on, or do they have waistband/zipper closing/

    1. I am actually wearing the identical outfit right now – it’s all so comfortable. The pants are pull on, but have a close fitting waist, so they don’t feel too nursing home like!

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