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For the last week Carolyn has been hosting a lovely challenge called #theirchoice17, where a friend or family member gets to pick our outfits every day. When she announced it, I read out her post to Mark and he immediately said we should do it. Whaaat? Are you sure??  I admit to some trepidation regarding the thought of him checking out my wardrobes as I could imagine the comments regarding volume, etc. I solved this by only giving him access to the two that are in proximity to the bedroom.

Most of these photos have already been posted on Instagram, so if you follow me there, look away now.

Day 1:Friday

I’ve already talked about this choice in my previous post.


Day 2: Saturday

The night before I would give Mark my movements for the following day so he had an idea of what sort of clothes I might like to wear. Most days I might do something in the morning followed by another activity (usually sewing) in the afternoon. However, we went to our holiday place in the bush for the weekend, so Mark’s brief was comfortable clothes suitable for dyeing and clearing the firebreaks. Pretty easy.


I love this man’s shirt turned smock for all my messy activities. I must say that dyeing over an open fire is a really lovely way to go.

As to the firebreaks – well, I did a bit of raking but mostly I bird watched. Spring really is here when the blue wrens have turned blue. They were hopping about everywhere. Can you spot one?


Day 3: Sunday

Minor problem in the form of lots of bottoms but not enough tops! Luckily I have a stash of clothes that I keep at the block and Mark was able to find this Charity Shop Chic White Russian top made from luxurious silk velour. He teamed it with my grey Hudsons.


Day 4: Monday

I had coffee in the morning and then sewed in the afternoon, so Mark put me in my reversible Tessuti Sydney jacket with a red merino self-drafted top and ponte trousers.


For sewing he just exchanged the coat for a Sewhouse Seven Toaster sweater

FullSizeRender copy 2

Day 5: Tuesday

Tuesday mornings mean yoga, so I had the full outfit for that activity


I then went for a dental checkup, which meant a complete change of outfit – my favourite (and his) Hanne Falkenberg striped jumper, and bleached skirt.


Followed by sewing and a long walk in the afternoon – so he had got out my jeans and another Toaster sweater. I put them on, photographed them and was then too hot.DSC09647

so, then came another outfit, where he substituted this linen shirt for the toaster. I was exhausted from all the changes, never mind the pile of clothes accumulating on the bed!!


Day 6: Wednesday

Another big day! Coffee with a friend, walk to the pool, swim, walk home and then visit my mother. Followed by sewing of course – hehe!

For coffee and visit to Mum, he chose my Itch to Stitch Lisbon, with Itch to Stitch Tierra Joggers. These are unblogged.


For the walk to the pool I was put in an old t-shirt of Tom’s (from when he was about 13) which I retrieved and dyed and which I don’t think I’ve blogged. He teamed it with my grey Hudsons – he clearly likes them!


Day 7: Thursday

Well, this was an important day because I was catching up with Carolyn and Megan and a discussion was had along the lines of whatever he put me in had to be vaguely stylish and well made. We had a fossick in the wardrobe and he found this dress from a 1937 Lutterloh pattern which he claims that he’s never seen before. Oh, I may have only worn it once!DSC09661

We then went for a long walk and somehow finished up at Knitwit, where a photo was taken. I am wearing the grey Hudsons (again!) and a self drafted top which I dyed.IMG_5805

So that was a week of Mark choosing my clothes. I have to say that we had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs and a few robust discussions about the weather! By the end of it we were both a bit exhausted and are really glad that it only went for a week. Having said that, I really hope that Carolyn does it again next year because we will definitely be participating – thank you so much Carolyn, it was a lovely initiative!


30 thoughts on “His choice

  1. How awesome,well done Mark! I told Ed what you were doing and he looked at me, clearly written on his face was “oh no you don’t”, lol!!!!

  2. A great challenge to watch on IG and here, but not something I would like to do with Richard, oh no! I would end up wearing jeans and tees all week. From this retrospective, I see that you did start yoga class? With Mark? Hope you like it as much as we do!

    1. Yes, I’ve been going to yoga for a few weeks now and Mark happens along occasionally. I bought him a book today in the hope that he will practice a bit at home. We are also back in the pool twice a week, so hopefully my arms will get toned again.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this fun challenge. I loved seeing what you wore in this week and it was really interesting for us, too!

  4. What a fun and lovely challenge that Carolyn created. It is especially great to involve your partner because sewing is usually a hobby we can’t share with them. How did you feel about his choices ?

  5. PS Just read David your comment about only giving Mark access to two wardrobes, he laughed – hoping it might reduce the sarcasm I get for a while!

  6. I find this such an interesting experiment and wonder if one day I might try it. I think my husband has good taste and would be interested to see what he would suggest. Yesterday we both got dressed (independently!) in brown cords, and brown jackets. I had on a bright green raincoat over my light weight brown jacket and he had a bright green jersey under his jacket. That often happens! I think Mark’s choices are good for the task (and weather), and all your clothes are successful and good looking, and I was struck how many changes you manage. Your Falkenberg sweater is my favourite too, although the 1937 dress is a beauty. At weekends I must say I tend to wear the same item both days to reduce washing and brain power.

    1. I love the fact that you dress in similar colours independently. I was surprised that Mark dressed me up so much – I think he had a latent desire to have a doll! It’s a great experiment and you should try it.

  7. This experiment is hilarious! But well done for both of you to take it on. My taste does not correspond at all with my husband’s so I am fearing a complete disaster if we ever attempted this!

    1. I think you should try it – you might be surprised! Mark has no dress sense at all and I really thought he’d just dress me in sweatshirts and trackie pants.

  8. This was a challenge I really enjoyed seeing on your IG feed! Reading all the back stories of outfit choices/day’s agenda was such fun! And seeing a little glimpse into a week of your life was enjoyable too! 🙂

  9. How fun! I’d like to try it although, I have the same fears you did about my husband noticing how large my wardrobe is. Maybe my 10 year old son can dress me. You’re husband did a great job!

  10. I’ve loved all your outfits during the week Sue! he did so well, and I’m just super impressed that he chose multiple outfits for you on some days… that would have been the end of Craig’s enthusiasm I’m afraid! Thank you so very much for joining in, I really appreciated your support and hope that you do join me again next year xxx

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