ANKESTRiCK Antler sweater

I knitted this ANKESTRiCK Antler sweater back in April to take on our holiday to Canada and the US in May, but chose to not take it and it has languished in the drawer all winter. Then Carolyn created a challenge called #theirchoice17 where a friend or family member chooses our outfits for a week, and Mark decided he would accept said challenge. With some trepidation I gave him access to my rather extensive wardrobe collections (in fact, he’s only been looking in two, and I did expect rather more comments re the number of clothes I have), and he had a burrow and came up with this jumper. It wasn’t warm enough for deep winter but as spring sneaks up on us, it was perfect. DSC09613

I chose to the make the jumper after I saw my friend Sophie in one and fell in love with it. It is described as “cosy every day sweater. Easy to wear with a feminine neckline and nice garter stitch details. Play with colorblocking! It is worked top-down in one piece with saddle shoulders and contiguous sleeves. No picked up stitches or sewing is needed.

I began knitting the jumper whilst I was in England last November with wool I had bought in Bath in a shop aptly named “Wool”, and then discovered, long after I was home, that I was going to be short of the blue, so sent an emergency email for another ball. Of course, I then discovered that the sleeves were a bit long and I could have done without it, which is a tiny bit annoying.


I am so pleased that he chose this jumper, and I’m hoping to squeeze a few more wears out of it before the weather gets too warm.

Mark teamed the jumper with my newly made Jalie Éléanore pull on jeans, previous makes here. This pair is made from lovely stretch denim from Knitwit.


Unlike the previous pairs, I managed to keep the topstitching intact. It’s interesting that the first pair I made from ponte had to be taken in quite a lot, whereas this pair only had to be taken in by around 1cm. The difference stretch makes. I’ve included this rather strange photo to show the fit, which is really good for me. All I have done is take in the sides a smidge, and I didn’t need to change the crotch curve at all.


This was day 1 of Carolyn’s challenge and I thought that Mark did a great job. At the end of the week I’ll do a round up post to walk you through all his choices and at least one false start!



11 thoughts on “ANKESTRiCK Antler sweater

  1. It’s a beautiful jumper and I can understand why Mark picked it for you on the first day of the challenge. On a technical point of view, I’m not sure I understand how the sleeves work. Did you picked up stitches afterwards to create this visual effect? I just love it. And bravo to your stylist, it’s a great match with your rather perfect jeans!

  2. Mark definitely did a great job, I like your outfit! The sweater looks so cozy and the colors suit you very well! I will have a look at this pattern! The fit of the pants looks just right 🙂

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