Whimsical Esme tunic

I bought this fabric at the op-shop for a $1 and may have squeaked for joy when I spotted it, and I am so thrilled with it that I wanted to share it with you all. I am not sure of the exact composition, but it has zero plastic in it, with a burn test reducing the fabric to ash, so it is some sort of natural fibre with a soft hand and nice draping qualities.

I only had the smallest amount of fabric so fiddled around with a variety of patterns, finally settling on my latest favourite pattern the Lotta Jansdotter Esme tunic (previously made here as dresses).dsc08754

As with the dresses I added pockets, but because of the length of the tunic raised them a little bit. With some careless posing you can actually see the bottom of one of the pockets showing below the hem, but this doesn’t happen normally, as you can see in the photo below.


The fabric has got a beautiful print on it, but I had to cut the pattern on the crosswise grain in order to give it the correct orientation. I fiddled and fussed to ensure that the focal point of the pattern was in the centre both front and back and took everything else from there. From a distance the print looks a bit random, but up close it has this rather elegant woman, dressed to the nines (that dress! those sleeves!) showing a tiny bird to her greyhound. They are standing in some sort of arbour and leaves are scattered around on the black parts of the fabric. I absolutely adore this fabric.


I managed to get her in the centre of the back as well, but I had to cut the sleeves on grain, which means that I couldn’t get that cream stripe to run down the sleeve which had been my original intention. dsc08757

To recap: The fabric is some sort of natural fibre which I found in an op shop, the pattern is the Esme tunic from Lotta Jansdotter, the trousers are self drafted and made from bengaline from Knitwit and the shoes are A. Bottega.


52 thoughts on “Whimsical Esme tunic

  1. I first thought it was a random graphic print but the close-up view shows how splendid it is! You picked the right style to showcase it. Best top I’ve seen in a while💖

  2. That is gorgeous – love your “playing” with the fabric to show off that fun design. Looks elegant, yet comfortable!

    1. I had forgotten about Aubrey, but you’re so right. Er, wasn’t he into erotic pictures? Never mind, it is exactly the sort of thing he might have drawn.

  3. Absolutely fabulous fabric. What a treasure. And, your placement of the design is spot on. Congrats for a gorgeous tunic.

  4. Simply beautiful top. The print looks to me as if it is straight out of an old book of fairytales. I have seen similar pictures in an old book of mine. Such a fortunate find.

  5. What a lucky find, lovely lovely fabric, looks unique and very flattering. I like to have a fossick in our local op shops too from time to time. Recently I was in one of the larger spruced up shops with my daughter and found a huge quantity of patterns, some vintage, some good, some so so, which I have not come across before, and would like to have gone through the lot there and then. However, we had to leave for something or other, and I looked forward to returning soon. So a week or so ago, I returned to find the shelves had moved, and when I did find the pattern section in a small cardboard box, there were only 5 there (and they were duds). Seems I was beaten to it. Next time, I shall seize the moment!

  6. Now, that is very nice Fadanista, another one of your ‘make-a-miracle’ pieces! Thanks for invite, will be in touch. Busy, busy trying to sew!

  7. What a stunner this top is. Was there any information on the selvedge regarding the manufacturer?

  8. Its a beautiful pattern on the fabric and you’ve made it into something even more stunning! very talented 🙂

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    Happy blogging x

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