1930s beach romper

“What?” I hear you say “beach rompers at her age?” and you would be correct, I am possibly mutton dressing as lamb, but I possibly don’t care, I love these!

They are, of course, the Decades of Style, 1930s Beach Romper, which I kept looking at and not buying, and then came the sale last year and the rest is history!


They are the perfect outfit for our hot weather, but I will not be wearing them in public, much to my eldest son’s relief who thought I looked like June Jetson in them!

I toiled them according to the pattern and they fitted perfectly


But I felt that the back was a little skimpy


As you can see, the pattern is tied at the back at the neck, waist and the skort is also fastened at the back. It’s quite busy back there! I took the pattern off to my patternmaking class and Sarah and I had a happy time redesigning it slightly.

We added an internal bra, making it a bit more modest. 3c57d69b-1876-4f83-9aba-9862cdd31b23

Then we looked at getting a bit more coverage at the back and reducing some of the bulk caused by those ties.


We eliminated the second tie at the waist by wrapping the skort and securing it with buttons at the sides.


The beach romper looks like this when it’s not being worn – a long, weird looking thing.



It’s interesting to put on – start at the neck and tie it, then, tie the back, and feed the rest through my legs and finally wrap the skort. I did take a photo of me coyly lifting the skirt to show how it looked underneath, but no matter what I did, it looked lewd, so here it is on a dummy.


The only other part worth mentioning is the edging – it is the selvedge, which was rather lovely, so Sarah suggested that I cut it off and sewed it round the raw edges. I thought it would annoy me, but it doesn’t at all, and for once I’m right on trend.

The fabric is some linen that I bought in India and the correct green is the lighter colour.

This doesn’t appear to be a terribly popular pattern; I couldn’t find too many examples on the web, but it is a really nice design. It would look fabulous on someone young ;). The fact that it fitted me with no need to make any adjustments means that it would probably fit most figure types.



43 thoughts on “1930s beach romper

  1. These are so awesome – you look amazing. And I just love that photo of you stepping out of the campervan, it’s so retro-cool.

  2. That’s a fabulous romper to showcase your divinely long legs! Perfect for a beach party or just sunbathing. The changes you made really improved the pattern. (If we were listening to our children, we would all look so matronly!)

  3. Don’t listen to your son. You look great in the rompers. Call it a “jumpsuit” if it makes him happier. I did not realize it was one piece until the photo that shows the piece laid out flat.

  4. Wear it just to annoy him – that’s what I do when my daughter gripes! You look great and I’m sure that when it’s blisteringly hot there you will be glad you made these. I would love to shock The Management but I can’t imagine it ever getting hot enough to wear those here 🙁

  5. hmmm getting very sexy these days Sue – Archie might not appreciate it but I bet Mark loves it. Go you – you can pull it off!xx

  6. I think you look great in it! We all need hot weather things that don’t necessarily leave the house. What a good idea to put a bra in it!

  7. Oh June Jetson is perfect and it looks like the perfect cool but covered house garment that we need for this weird humidity we are experiencing.

    1. Yes, it’s perfect for this weather, but I actually made it for a holiday that we’re having later in the year, so I don’t want to wear it out!

  8. I’m so glad you wrote a post on this outfit! I have wanted to make this but also couldn’t find much about it through google. Thanks for the detailed pictures!

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