Toaster sweater #1

Having blogged the Toaster sweater #2, my friend Hélène suggested that we both make the Sew House Seven Toaster #1 over the weekend, and thereby have a trans-national sewalong as she lives in Montréal and I, of course, live the other side of the world. I loved the idea and immediately went stash shopping for possible fabrics, coming up with this cotton terry knit in navy blue.


Of course I didn’t quite have enough fabric, so had a moment or two where I thought I’d have to head back to the stash, but fabric tetris didn’t let me down and I squeaked it out. Then I started to fiddle around with pocket design, which is like going down a big rabbit hole for me. I googled pockets, I looked in every reference book I owned, and spent several fruitless hours on Pinterest, all to no avail. So I cut out two isosceles triangles, interfaced them to try and stop potential stretching, and  finished the open edges using the wave stitch feature on my Babylock, which I’ve always felt was reminiscent of home dec and therefore nothing to do with me. However, expect to see more of this, wherever I think I can get away with it!


I reverse coverstitched the second edge to the sweater, and enclosed the third edge into the bottom band.


I was slightly concerned that they would look out of place on a cropped top, but think I got away with it, and, although they are not sitting flat in this photo, they do sit flat if I don’t stick my paws in them.

The back is plain, and I coverstitched the raglan sleeve seams and the hem band.


The sleeves are too long so I have turned the cuffs up. I obsessed over the images on the web, and have concluded that my arms are clearly short! The cuff is supposed to be quite long, so I shall knock a few centimetres off the sleeve length next time I make it.


This is another winning design. I wasn’t especially fond of cropped tops, but I’ve now made a few of them and am a convert. The high neckline is going to be nice in the cooler weather, and I don’t feel as though I’m being strangled.

The fabric is from Knitwit and is a perfect trans-seasonal weight, and I could wear a long sleeved t-shirt under it for extra warmth if necessary, although our current weather reminds me of being in Singapore, so I am desperate to take this top off even though it’s early morning!


16 thoughts on “Toaster sweater #1

  1. Very nice looking top,but definitely not suitable for our current weather. You will appreciate it more in a few months time. 🙂 I do like your trim on the top of the pockets, not at all home dec.

  2. I love your take on pockets. I have determined, rather recently, that I either like three-quarter sleeves, or overlong so that they cover much of my hands. Love the navy color and the pocket stitch detail. I think this will take you on many of your travels and fit right in wherever you go. Glad you were open to applying what might have been lost t o home-Dec…now I have to go look at special stitches on my machine….oh darn!

  3. Really cute – ;love this pattern! My arms must be short, too! Still trying to catch up to your expertise with the coverstitch. In moving mode now, so will have to wait a bit! Miss sewing – trying to organize my stash for the move ugh!!!

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