Coco and me

I acquired this pattern for the Coco Trouser from Ralph Pink patterns as part of my winnings in the Sewalongs and Sewing Contests group on Facebook.

I was not only attracted by the photos, but by the description: “Uniquely Extraverted Coco Trousers: The 1920’s were an awe-inspiring era, and now you can bring a bit of retro-chic into your wardrobe with these stylish Coco trousers. They’re ideal for adding a bit of extra length to legs, thanks to the high waist, whilst the loose hip fit is perfect at enhancing silhouettes and creating a flattering figure line”.  How could I resist (apart from the fact that we have a misplaced apostrophe in the pluralised form of 1920!)?

I loved the idea of the high waist, and really wanted the flattering figure line, so I finally got around to making them and chose a 100% lightweight cotton that happened to have started life as a duvet/doona cover! This is the third pair that I have made, and I went down a size each time. I think I’ve got the size right now.


I wore them to my pattern making class, and Sarah frowned a bit and immediately set to with pins, so I figured that the fit wasn’t too amazing and I’m sure that in a week or so I will have a completely revamped pattern, so this may not be the last time you see me in Coco trousers.


There are several things that I like about this pattern, but the pockets are really cool and I can’t keep my hands out of them. There is an extra triangle at the pocket opening that looks like this. Excuse the photo, I had to take the trousers off to show the pocket.


The other thing I’ve made is the top and this was a pattern that I created. All on my own. This was a small piece of bamboo knit that I had in my scrap box and, having watched Sarah create a pattern for this top, I figured I could do something similar. dsc08869

It might have been better if I’d made it a smidge bigger in the bust, but it’s still wearable and I really like it. Tee shirts with grown on sleeves appeal to me, and I find them easy to wear and layer with a jumper, cardigan or jacket.


The Coco Trousers are stylish and well fitting – for most people. They are really easy to make, and the instructions are excellent, I shall be making more.


24 thoughts on “Coco and me

  1. The trouser pockets look interesting, will have to check out that pattern. The top looks like it could be made with very little fabric. Nice colour combination too.

  2. It’s always great when there’s an eye-catcher in a sewing pattern like in this case the interesting pocket detail. The combination of the white trousers and the red top is such a beautiful color combination.

  3. Like your teeshirt hack. I’m with you on grown on sleeves.
    Trouser fit is an interesting topic – i thought they looked good – I’d be happy with those as ready to wear. Food for thought

  4. I immediately wondered about the “extraverted” too! But such a comfy looking ensemble. It’s very nice to have things in your favourite colours 🙂

  5. I was attracted to the top immediately so well done with the scrap make!
    The trouser pattern looks to be one that will be used lots. The details are lovely, but they don’t ‘shout’. Enjoy your trousers 😃

  6. The pockets are really original – what an interesting feature. From here, these pants looks cool and relax with an excellent fit. But I don’t see in them the 1920s’ feel they described. They look totally contemporary to me.

  7. Now I have images of you skipping around the bag yard in your undies taking photos of your pant details! I will forever be wary of Ralph Pink’s pattern Fadanista. The cocoon coat, can’t recall the name he gave it, was a disaster of a pattern. He changed the PDF 4 times after my suggestions, misnumbered, misnamed, incorrect cut count, PDF didn’t print at the copy shop despite being a copy shop version. It looked to me like he’d never thought to have anyone test his pattern, which is such a shame because his designs and photography are very inspiring. These pants are beautiful and I can see them in a lovely linen perhaps?

  8. The Coco trouser do look pretty good and I look forward to seeing the benefits of Sarah’s pins. Cute top in the perfect colour.

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