Tierra woven joggers

I considered myself very fortunate to be a pattern tester for this pattern because, as the name suggests, they are designed for woven fabrics, and I like the idea of woven joggers.


These are the Tierra Joggers from Itch-to-Stitch designs, and let me say that they are everything I have been looking for; the right amount of slouch, the right amount of comfort, but with a bit of style and dressiness. They have the option of a straight, slightly tapered leg, or with an elasticated bottom for a more sporty look.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 4.30.33 pm

The pattern features:

  • Elastic and drawstring waist
  • Low rise and can be lengthened to suit your style (instructions included)
  • Deep and functional side pockets
  • Tapered leg for a slim look
  • Optional elastic hem
  • Layers feature (print only the sizes you need)

The fit was pretty much spot on, but I did add a centimetre to the rise front and back. Having said that, the first pair I made, which were true to the pattern, are the pair I have worn the most, even though I didn’t think I would wear them at all due to the fact that there is metal in the fabric and it scratches a bit.


I made four pairs of these joggers, all from different types of fabric. The first pair I made are 60% linen, 30% cotton and 10% metal from Potters, and they are the low rise version and are in the above photos. They are sort of rumpled looking, but really comfortable and, as ironing breaks the metal fibres causing them to become more itchy, I am never going to press them again!


The second pair are made from green and white 100% cotton non-stretch knit, which always seems like a contradiction in terms to me. I’ve had this fabric (bought at Knitwit) in my stash for a couple of years and have been wondering what to do with it, and these joggers are the perfect thing.


One of the best things about these joggers are the pockets – they are so big they could hold a packed lunch and water bottle. The joggers are also incredibly comfortable and will be worn constantly as autumn creeps up on us.


My third pair are made from a very fine cotton which was white but which I played around with dyeing from plants and things to hand. I began with eucalyptus, and then overdyed in an iron pot and with big chunks of iron in the water. I also rolled a few small iron objects in the fabric, and then wondered what to do with it, so it got squished to the bottom of my stash where it has malevolently lingered until now.


Both sons have independently asked me if I have sat in oil due to those black marks on the back. These may be relegated to camping!


The fourth pair are probably the dressiest – a navy blue woven twill type fabric that I thought was quite nice until I did a burn test and got a great big glob of plastic. I hate wearing polyester, even high quality polyester which this fabric clearly is. I have no idea where the fabric came from but my sister may have donated it to my stash. The piece of braid used for the tie came all the way from Stockholm, so that’s a nice souvenir!


These photographs were taken by Mark at the Nannup Music Festival which was held this weekend. A good time was had by all!



The pattern is currently on sale at Itch-to-Stitch; $8 instead of $10 and I think it’s money well spent to not to have to futz around converting a knit pattern to woven fabric. I loved making them, and wore them all this long weekend as we camped and gallivanted around the countryside.


17 thoughts on “Tierra woven joggers

  1. That looks like a very versatile pattern, I may have to get it. I have a few Itch-to-Stitch patterns and am currently toiling the Bonn shirt/dress. I really like your navy version even if they are polyester. They look very smart yet still comfortable, just what is needed. I chortled at your description of the dyed fabric. I hope you’ll forgive me if I say they really do look like you have been doing something incredibly messy. 😉 Nice work.

    1. Thanks Kathy, and I’m not sure that natural dyeing is my forte! I really like the Itch-to-Stitch patterns and there is another about to be released which is also fabulous. I haven’t tried the Bonn shirt/dress, so I might have to get that one. The navy joggers are perfection, except they are so sweaty!

  2. I have also just made the Bonn dress and ADORE, and these sound perfect for my upcoming trip from the US to see family in South Australia!! Thanks 🙂

  3. I like the pattern generally, but especially the dyed trousers. You could overdye them to minimise the markings if you don’t like them?

  4. These look so comfortable. and versatile. We called these rugby pants. It’s nice to see them become popular again.

  5. Thanks for this post. I was looking for someone who had made them with linen and your four pairs of joggers just convinced me: I am about to buy the pattern! It is so versatile and looks so comfy. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you found the post helpful. Linen is an excellent fabric for them – I’m about to make another pair from pure linen.

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