Easter activities

I did a massive amount of sewing at Easter but have very little to show for it. I did make some pyjamas for the coming cold winter camping in the bush. I used some cotton flannelette clearly bought for one of my boys, as the pattern is different types of aircraft, but as I love anything vaguely aeronautical, I figured it would do me perfectly.


I probably should not have modelled these pyjamas and I am standing in a shed so the background is less than glam, but the PJs themselves are a success, even in their rather unpressed state. They are warm and comfy and what else could I ask for?

I decided that I wanted pull on style pyjamas this time, so didn’t make the Carolyn Pyjamas again. This time I made the bottom half using the casual trousers pattern from the Great British Sewing Bee Book 3. I just upped the size a bit and they were perfect. I struggled a bit with the top as I wanted a sweater style top but I wasn’t using a knit. In the end I used the White Russian pattern from Capital Chic Patterns and again went up a couple of sizes. I used contrasting knit for the bands.


I have a some of this fabric left over so may see if I can mosaic out another pair.

I also made a shower unit cover for our new outdoor shower. My son, Archie, built this amazing shower in the bush and, as it is open to the elements, I thought I should protect the shower unit. I didn’t take a photograph of the cover, but here is one of the shower. It will go silvery grey in a year or so and blend perfectly with its bush surroundings.


One of my other activities this weekend has been photographing birds, and I managed to get quite a few. My favourite is this Scarlet Robin.

scarlet robin2

Cute huh?


19 thoughts on “Easter activities

  1. Nice and cosy pj, Sue. You cleverly fiddled your way through your pattern collection and fabric stash, but I don’t agree with you : your “natural” pics are great – you look young and happy. This shower in nature is incredible. I just showed it to my husband and now we need one in our backyard! This kind of structure reminds me of Frank LLoyd Wright’s organic designs. Maybe you could write a post on this, with more photos of the back of the structure. Bravo to Archie!

    1. Thank you, Hélène. He did the most amazing spiral roof but then left it open to the sky, which made me a bit sad. I might do a post on our bush block – it is full of kangaroos, possums, emus and amazing little birds.

  2. Love the aeroplane pj’s and the slippers – very cute. Definately dressed for a night in the bush. Love Archies handywork on the outside he seems to have his mother’s flair for design! tx

  3. Look at you in your cool pyjamas!! No wonder you are smiling, they look wonderful 🙂 Who would have thought that the White Russian would make good woven PJs – pinning immediately!

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