One Year One Outfit buttons

As mentioned previously I’m participating in the one year one outfit challenge and I need buttons. I have some beautiful pebbles gathered from a West Australian beach which I was going to use but they don’t work colourwise so I found a piece of drying Banksia branch and hey presto, I have buttons!


Just to walk you through the process, I brought home a couple of sticks of Banksia,


put one of them through the circular saw


to make my required number

DSC03090drilled a couple of holes in each one


picked off the bark and then oiled them. The one on the left has been oiled with a locally produced bees wax and the one on the right with a local olive oil. The oil seems to show the striations in the wood better, so that might be the approach I adopt. I also sanded the edge of the one on the left smooth, but left the one on the right with its ridged edge, and again, I think I prefer this. Thoughts anyone? I haven’t finished off the others yet, so am open to suggestions.

DSC03119Now all I have to do is finish the garment that they are going on!

One disclaimer here – I haven’t suddenly acquired man hands – noisy machinery tends to freak me out a bit and so Archie kindly cut and drilled my buttons. I did the hard bit though – finding the stick and doing the oiling 🙂

I am going to participate in Me Made May again this year and herewith my pledge:

‘I, Sue of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear only me made clothes each day for the duration of May 2015’


18 thoughts on “One Year One Outfit buttons

  1. Hey to you and good morning. I love your button idea and favor the one on the right. I’ll admit that I had no idea what a Banksia tree was and had to look it up. Of course, it was totally foreign to me here in So. Illinois. Apparently the Banksia has a beautiful flower and its seed pod is used for many woodworking projects. As if I am telling you something.
    I love your blog and hearing where you are and where you are going.
    I would love to have some of your buttons. How about a trade, a twig for a twig?

  2. Hey Sue, what a great idea! In the past, I’ve bought many wood buttons to complete some knits (I love the match wood + wool) but it never occured to me that I could make my own buttons with wood sticks! Thanks, I’ll certainly give it a try. I like the darker finish with olive oil, but I would fear that the ridged edge could damage the wool or the fabric. One question about the peebles you collected: how would you make holes in them? Is that possible to achieve it with the same drill? (This might be a question for your pair of masculine hands.)

    1. I had to buy very fine diamond drills to make the holes in the pebbles. Worked brilliantly. The buttons are going on a sweater, so I don’t think the ridged edge will be a problem, but I might think about this. I urge you to make some interesting buttons from local wood.

      1. Thanks Sue. I’m making a note about diamond drills for peebles. I’ll e-mail you a picture of my native wood buttons when I’m done.

  3. They are beautiful and what a fab thought. You are turning into a bit a hippy my friend – very cool. Handy to have Archie and his saw!

  4. Is there no end to your creativity and resourcefulness Sue Stoney? I am sooooo impressed…and now I shall be eyeing every shrub and tree as a potential fashion accessory…
    …and all those bits and bobs in my husband’s garage…I’m thinking couture…

  5. What a great ideas for buttons, wood and pebbles, now to look around our neighbourhood, we have some largish grevilla bushes, I wonder how they would work. Would have loved to see Heidi playing on instagram but the link is not working.

  6. They look gorgeous! I am going to have a go at making some in porcelain this year, with the help of some potter friends.

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