Kimono coats for a cause

Following on from my previous kimono coat post, I’ve made a few more, and thought I might highlight a couple just to show I haven’t been slacking off in the sweatshop.

First up is this latte coloured embossed kimono made from two fine wool scarves. This colour does not suit me, but the fabric is lovely.


The next is made from two heavy woollen scarves with an interesting design. This is a really lovely coat and I, ahem, added it to my wardrobe. On first wearing I received a few comments, so deem it a success.



Then Gabi gave me two of her own scarves and asked me to make one for her. This is the result. You can see the first two kimono coats hanging in her shop.


I love taking photos of Gabi, she becomes totally mobile and vamps it up. This coat is divine – it’s a thick, felted, embroidered jacquard, and I do confess to feeling a touch of the envies over it.


Unfortunately I had to use my phone for these photographs so the quality isn’t fabulous.17050933526_6b37acf0d9_n

I’ve also made another two but didn’t manage to get photos. The money raised from these coats is going to a foundation set up to support men with depression.

In a nutshell: Kimono coats made with scarves from Heaven Wrapped, Claremont. Setting for Gabi’s photos is Heaven Wrapped, her shop.


8 thoughts on “Kimono coats for a cause

  1. This simple design really highlights the beauty of the fabric. I love the shorter version Gabi is wearing with style. I totally imagine it in a light fabric as a swimwear cover-up for the coming summer.

    1. Yes, I like the short one – very jealous of it, in fact. I agree, Hélène, these would make fabulous cover ups and I have one on the table as we speak/write!

  2. They look fabulous Sue, and so different depending on the patterns. I love the fact that you are helping such a good cause too.

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