Sunday Sew-along

Much happiness today because Bridgette spent part of the day with me sewing a dress to take to Europe in two weeks (how many sleeps?). This was a bit of a stashbust. The front of the dress was some fabric that I bought on ebay – a retro print from Donna Wilder, a gorgeous soft cotton. We didn’t have enough, so the back is a piece of eco-cotton from Spotlight. I think it looks pretty cute – non?


She did a really good, careful job of the cutting out and sewing:


Good habits were formed – Bridgette had to learn to iron!


We finished the seams the old-fashioned way, but it does look nicer than an overlocked seam, so all good.


Back view looks good too!


The armholes were a tad short, so Bridgette drafted a new pattern (another first!) with slightly longer shoulder sections, and she has a gorgeous button fabric to make another dress. This will, doubtless, get reported here.

It was lovely having a bit of a girlie morning. I adore having boys, but I do have the odd yearning for a daughter; given none of my own, I have to steal other people’s!

Other activities include making a new pair of tracksuit bottoms for Mark from fabric left over from this shirt for Tom:



He was so happy with them, and so was I – more fabric out of the cupboard, and the pockets were made out of some fabric left over from one of Archie’s shirts. I must make a pair for me, I get cold knees on our walks.

GCC went pretty well – Friday: 30,120 (exc)

Saturday: 23,445 (disappointing)

Average:ย 23,623 (ok)

This weekend I have to beat my PB (31,114), so it’s down to today! I have to walk 12,000 more steps between now and the morning entry. The challenge is on!


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