Stash or bust?

Soo… I was wondering what constitutes a stash and a stash bust. Is it a stash when it moves into the cupboard (as against being in a bag on the floor, or piled on the chair)? Is it when it is a week old? a month old? a year old?? Hmmm, no definitive answer methinks. Anyway, I decided that today’s outfit was a stashbust and made a dodgy button for myself to celebrate!


Yep, pretty darned dodgy! What you see is a section of the cupboard (v. messy), underneath the “bust” sign. Might work on this…

I’m wearing my red jeans and a new top made from a remnant from Knitwit.


Here’s another view so that you can see my red Tod’s and the fact that these jeans are still too big in spite of my having taken them in by 6cm on each side! I will move the button and hope that pulls them in a bit. The belt is also a bit big and I can’t make that any smaller. Might need to stop losing weight!!


The red jeans had an airing on the last day of MMM’13 and the top I made this week from a Burda pattern, inspired by a couple of posts on Flickr for MMM (Burda 2/2013 #216/217). I really like this pattern. It is simple and a bit different. I did forget that I would need to match the stripes though and this turned into something of an epic activity, with me pinning nearly every stripe!


This was fairly successful, but I made the seam allowance too big resulting in my feeling like a sausage being stuffed into a rather small casing! Anyway, I think the fabric has stretched a little bit and I might have got away with it.

I am pretty happy with my stripe alignment, but made a mental note to avoid stripes for a while.


In summary: Sandra skinny leg jeans from StyleArc, Burdastyle raglan shirt, Tod’s shoes, belt by Sab Five Five, and red Ann et Valentin glasses to tie it all together.


Thursday: 23,741

Average: 23,202

This weekend I have to beat my PB – 31,114. It’s going to be a busy Saturday!


6 thoughts on “Stash or bust?

  1. I’ve always assumed it was a stash when you bought it with no specific purpose in mind. Using it then constitutes stash busting and allows feelings of virtue. I know people who’s stashes fill wardrobes and (clean!) wheely bins. I think you and I are just beginners!

  2. I agree with Marilyn – the minute you own the fabric it becomes stash. This is more of a reason to join the Style the Stash sew along. I love the jeans and t- shirt on you. You look fabulous!

    1. Thank you! I will join the stash sew along, but wonder if I’m emotionally ready to calculate the meterage (tonnage?) of my stash!

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