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Today for me-made I have on another original garment – a felted disk wrap which I lined with some very ancient machine washable wool from my stash. The felted disk fabric was a remnant (natch!) from Potter’s, and the lining fabric comes complete with moth holes, which are cleverly disguised by the felted fabric. The felted fabric wasn’t the right shape for the wrap (basically a rectangle with two arm holes), so I found myself cutting a bit off one side and adding it to the other. Very tedious work, can I tell you! I also cut holes for my arms, but should have just cut slits, so again, had to infill the unsightly gaps.  I have secured the wrap with a wooden cat magnet. I bought the cat at the craft fair, glued on the magnet, and hey presto, another pin thingy!


I teamed the wrap with the Barb’s pants from StyleArc, a self-drafted t-shirt, and machine knitted socks.

I made the mistake of telling Mark that I realise that I don’t need all my clothes! I have worn, endlessly, the same tops and trousers, just changing the main item of clothing. Whilst part of me is looking forward to wearing other clothes, I am going to miss wearing my own creations every day and the challenge of finding original things to wear. I have pretty much decided to stop buying clothes for a goodly while, and will work my way through my stash for anything new that I need. Of course, I haven’t pledged to stop buying yarn or fabric 😉

GCC: Steps yesterday: 21,019 (ok)

Average steps: 24,147 (nb)


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  1. Sue the felt wrap looks great and how unusual. Very innovative!

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