Dr who??

Today I am wearing the usual StyleArc pants and top, my green cashmere machine knitted socks, and my Dr Who scarf made from Tsumugi silk yarn from Japan. The design is by Stephen Dair from Dairing and this is a lovely, lovely scarf to wear.


The yarn is sort of raw silk, but it is soft and smooth. The pattern is intended to be handknitted, but yeah, right! This scarf would take about two years to hand knit – it is longer than twice my height.


Anyway, I have been comfy all day – it was the perfect thing to wear, for once.

Tonight I have been making something, hopefully to be revealed tomorrow, but I am not too happy with it. More on that later. For now, I have to go get my steps up as I haven’t had the best day with the GCC, unlike yesterday:

Steps yesterday: 28,689

Average: 24,904.



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