Me Made May

One Year One Outfit buttons

As mentioned previously I’m participating in the one year one outfit challenge and I need buttons. I have some beautiful pebbles gathered from a West Australian beach which I was going to use but they don’t work colourwise so I found a piece of drying Banksia branch and hey presto, I have buttons! Just to walk you […]

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First handknit of the year

I bought this lovely alpaca and merino yarn in Sydney at the end of last year, and I have finished it in time for the first autumn rains. There are two different coloured stripes because I was busy knitting away with the taupe stripes and I realised that I wouldn’t have enough to finish the jumper, […]

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Sewing, Stashbusting, vintage

The real thing

I often make a wearable muslin of something and then never get round to making the real thing. Well stop the presses, because I have actually had another go at the 1954 blouse which I made for the Lutterlohalong, and I am quite pleased with myself. I improved the fit considerably by moving the front darts closer […]

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