First handknit of the year


I bought this lovely alpaca and merino yarn in Sydney at the end of last year, and I have finished it in time for the first autumn rains.

There are two different coloured stripes because I was busy knitting away with the taupe stripes and I realised that I wouldn’t have enough to finish the jumper, so I dug in the stash and found some black of the same wool left over from my black Miette cardigan.

This jumper is knitted in the round, which means that the end of row causes a “jig”in the stripes. I followed the various internet instructions for getting a smooth join, but still had a visible mark where the stripes join. After some thought I decided to cover the joins with buttons.


I had to find some that would sit nice and flat and this is technically the back of the jumper.


Can you see that the buttons don’t seem to be quite straight down my back? This is because the common wisdom on fixing the “jig” suggested moving the centre point on each stripe. I dutifully did this, but of course it didn’t work. I’m pretending that it’s a design feature.


Interestingly, the buttons look much straighter when I turn the jumper round. I like the buttons down the back though…DSC02609

In a nutshell: Wool is alpaca and merino from the Australian Alpaca Barn in Sydney. They also provided the pattern for free. I am going to make this again with locally produced wool for part of my “One Year, One Outfit” challenge. I will be making it slightly smaller and will again cover the joins with buttons. The setting is the bush in Jalbarragup.


16 thoughts on “First handknit of the year

  1. I love the buttons on the back. This is a great start for your knitting season. Funny how opposite we are, geographically speaking. Spring is almost here in Québec whereas you’re entering the fall season.

  2. Ooh la la! That is a gorgeous sweater, Sue. Super stylish and a lovely shape. Looks gorgeous on you.

  3. Beautiful as usual! That colour is dreamy and I love the stripes. I think pretty much everything that I make has “design features” too. I’m used to it.

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