Hexie Uzma

Several months ago I started a hexie quilt, not quite knowing what I was going to do with it: a bag, cushion cover and lap quilt were all in my mind, but the minute I saw this pattern I knew it would be perfect for my hexies. It also qualified for the informal challenge to make a scrapbusting garment that Meggipeg, SewBlooms and I were running between ourselves. The whole thing is sewn by hand and a lot of it was done in front of the television or in the car on long trips. Please note that I have a rubbish bin so the car doesn’t get covered in thread

Putting it together on my lap did lead to the odd mistake, but I didn’t notice the most obvious until it was completely finished. Can you see it?

Luckily it wasn’t too difficult to amend. One of my quilting friends told me to leave it as it was a bit quirky, but I just couldn’t, it really offended my eye.

I’m wearing it with the silk zero waste trousers I made with the  Milan AC Zero Waste trouser pattern for the two piece setacular project with Meggipeg and SewBlooms – also part of my Frocktails outfit, and if you look closely you’ll see that I used lots of the scraps from these three makes in this top.

Other fabrics used include some blue cotton donated to my stash (and the leftovers went on to become one of my other Uzma tops – the one with the face), the small checked fabric came from a man’s shirt which my friend Suzanne gave me, there’s some beautiful Japanese prints, Aboriginal prints, and random scraps. I should mention that the fabric scraps used in this top have not made any sort of dent in my scraps collection.

I basically didn’t have a plan for this top. I had already created a few hexie flowers, which I just joined together with other hexies, so it’s a tad random. I laid everything out on the pattern so I could work out the placement. I note that I changed the placement as I went along. I also had a bit of an urge to introduce some different colours, so dotted them around the back, as you can see.

These pops of colour mean that it coordinates well with my orange denim Stokx Square Pants, although my son did want to know if I had any sort of plan. Err, not really!

For a cooler day I teamed it with a merino skivvy – made using a vintage Knitwit pattern, to be blogged soon.

I like lots of things about this top, especially the little points where the hexies finish. To get neat hems, I just stitched a hexie facing round the bottom hem and neck edge.

I mentioned at the beginning that the Uzma was made as part of a challenge with Megan and Katherine, and we met up to compare notes and fondle fabric. Katherine made a quilted sandwich of her scraps which she turned into a vest, with lovely Liberty buttons and button loops, and Megan made a jeans jacket out of fabric she had dyed with indigo, as well as assorted scraps. I’m sure you’ll see both of their makes soon. They were both really cool.

I added a recycled label, which I quite like as it’s quite subtle.

And lastly a shown seated shot. Sorry I don’t have any of Miss G, I keep forgetting to get photos of her. By the way, I love this top with my orange denim Stokx Square Pants, they pick up the few pops of orange I have sprinkled around the top.


3 thoughts on “Hexie Uzma

  1. Lovely! I was curious to see the inside of your top. I guess you lined it? And staystitched the borders? Anyway, the end result is hexie-quisite :))) Excellent job Sue!

    1. I thought afterwards that I should have shown the inside! I will amend. I lined it with a cotton/silk blend which I hand stitched to the edges. I will take a photo.

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