Fibremood Uzma

The latest Fibremood magazine, issue 23, is out and I chose to make the Uzma, which is described as a boxy, cropped, square necked top. The neckline and armholes are finished with an all in one facing which makes for a lovely clean finish, and the act of sewing it is a useful technique to learn. I chose this pattern as it’s getting cold here and I thought I could layer it over a warm skivvy (in Australia this is a lightweight high-necked long-sleeved top), thereby allowing me to wear it after I’ve made it. I finished up making three, and have worn them all already, but I’m only showing two today as the third one is part of another sewing challenge I’m doing.

When I first saw the Uzma pattern I knew it was begging for embellishment, and considered a few things, one of which was art deco style images, which I do like.

I also considered some couching or appliqué, but then I saw that Maria, from Finished Seams, created a face, and I knew that I needed a top with a face on it and this was the perfect canvas.

Standing and sitting shots:

My face was made with my Cricut, and I found the image on Design Space, and just resized it to fit.

I did add a bit of length to the top but it’s still pretty short. I styled it differently to see how it would look. Teamed here with my self-drafted jeans and upcycled denim Stokx Rock.

I wore it for a walk along the river on a beautiful day. This is going to be so good to wear in the summer.

I haven’t layered this one yet, but I think it will look good over a couple of tops in my wardrobe. Here’s a clearer shot of the face.

My last one is the first one I made. I made it from a piece of yellow blanket that was left over at the Fibres West garage sale. I think it didn’t sell because it has what looks like oil stains on it. I cut round them and managed to avoid most of them. This one is specifically designed to be layered.

I made the Medium for this one, but decided it was too big – the straps fall off my shoulders and you can see how much excess fabric there is in the back. I did put little darts in each corner of the neck to bring it in but it’s not completely satisfactory. I may yet pull it apart and put a pleat in the centre front and back.

This one is completely lined with a beautiful hand painted silk scarf that a friend gave me, which she wrapped round a huge mango. It feels amazing.

I made the other two in a size small, but actually think it would be better to make the medium but pinch fabric out from the centre front and back and perhaps shorten the straps a little: if you look at the back of the blue one you can see that it a bit of excess fabric between the shoulder blades too.

Fun fact: I googled the meaning of “Uzma” and it means “greatest” which is a nice touch.


4 thoughts on “Fibremood Uzma

  1. I’ve been reading your posts for years and enjoy them.
    I have a nosy question. Do you have an infinite wardrobe l, or are you ruthless about culling it? I find difficulty chucking things I’ve made or have attachment to, eg, my 50 year old wedding dress.

    1. Thank you so much Robyn. Not a nosy question, a fairly pertinent one, to which I have to say “both”! If I put something on three times and take it off again because I don’t like it, I donate it. I also get rid of things that no longer fit my aesthetic or appeal to me , but I have many old clothes in my wardrobe, including my wedding dress!

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