Frocktails 2022

I wasn’t going to make a new outfit for Frocktails this year, but then I saw Rhonda from @sewbusted on IG had made Vogue 9305 and I remembered I had bought the pattern in an op shop a few years ago and thought it might be perfect over a dress or some trousers.

When I got home from my travels I had a hunt in the stash and found the blue Japanese silk leftover from my two piece setacular and thought it would be perfect as it’s the same on both sides and this pattern shows both sides of the fabric.

It was a quick make and I was trying it on for fit as the pattern is smaller than my bust measurement, when Archie breezed through and commented that I was wearing a trash bag. Hmm. I wondered if it was the sticky out sleeves and made several attempts to tame them, but I may have to thread a bit of elastic through them. The pattern does have sleeves, but I always find that sleeves attached to dropped shoulders always look weird on me. Anyway, here it is with the trousers from my two-piece set setacular, creating a new setacular, and I really like the combination.

I did think that I could wear it with a variety of things underneath and tried it with a long tube dress, but it didn’t look good. I shall persevere!

The dress billows slightly when I walk, which is very satisfying.

and a billowy back view. It was quite windy in the garden, so that added to the effect.

I will say that I don’t like those shoulder creases which I always seem to get with a dropped shoulder. A better person would try and eliminate them but I will just accept them I think.

The shown seated shot for you. I like how the tunic/dress fans out. It really is most comfortable to wear. The necklace was bought at a flea market in Paris in the early 1980s and I seem to have few things to wear it with, so I’m delighted it goes so well with this.

I thought it would be useful to show the pattern envelope. I don’t find it particularly appealing which is probably why I haven’t made it previously, but having seen Rhonda’s version I was fairly confident I would like it.

A quick video to show the movement, I will be swishing every time I wear this dress!

All that’s left is to show you a photo from Frocktails itself. I’m really hopeless and got very few as I was far too busy chatting, but here is one of Katherine, Megan and me.


6 thoughts on “Frocktails 2022

  1. I think this is a wonderful pattern. Dressed up casual. I am imagining it made up in a lovely voile, perhaps with a matching sheath sort of dress underneath, or maybe even a pull on skirt? Anyway it looks great on on you. Happy sewing and keep us posted.

    1. Thank you Susan, I tried this one with a sheath dress but couldn’t make it work, but the pull on skirt might be nice – I have one, i shall look. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment, I agree, this is a great pattrn.

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