Carbeth cardigan number 2

I knitted my first Kate Davies Carbeth cardigan on a trip around Tasmania and this one on my trip to the UK. I had intended wearing it on the holiday but I ran out of wool, which was slightly annoying. The cardigan is quite cropped and I wanted mine a bit longer as I don’t enjoy having cold kidneys, so I calculated how much wool I had and added a couple of inches. Except I miscalculated and needed another skein. I originally bought the wool on my birthday holiday to Hobart, Tasmania, so I duly ordered another skein, checking the colour and dye lot. It didn’t arrive until I got home and I did get quite a surprise.

The original wool is on the right and the new skein is on the left. I checked the labels and they are identical in every way, so these two were probably produced at different stages in the dyeing process.

Instead of sending it back, I decided to knit it in. I frogged the front bands and collar and reknitted them alternating the two yarns.

I can see the two different balls, but I don’t think anyone else could, unless they knew.

The wool is by Great Southern Yarn in New South Wales. It’s Corriedale, 100% Australia, single origin, produced ethically and sustainably, and the colour is called Stormy Sea Wave, which I rather love.

I found the perfect buttons, which I bought from an op shop several years ago for $1. They are wooden and the paint has a lovely worn patina. One of the buttons had a chip, so I painted over it with a red sharpie. It hides the bright wood really well.

I did wonder if the buttons are a bit big, but as I’ve worn the cardigan, I’ve really enjoyed them. You can perhaps see the different yarn on the front.

I have managed to wear it twice before our weather heats up. I did all the buttons up for the photos, for some reason, but tend to wear them undone. However, the high neck did come in handy in a cool breeze.

I love the detail in the back view, even though I now realise I didn’t have the cardigan on straight. It is perfectly even if I sort myself out.

I’ve enjoyed finding things to wear with it. It goes really well with the brown ponte trousers I took to the UK, fabric courtesy of Jenny from @joeandroxy. It also looks quite good with blue jeans, and I think will go well with my black jeans too. it also coordinates well with a selection of my merino tops, particularly the burgundy and orange ones.

Finally, a photo of Miss G. She found one of my lipsticks, but luckily couldn’t get the lid off. I’m wearing a top I made several years ago from a wool scarf and some red trousers made this year.


11 thoughts on “Carbeth cardigan number 2

  1. Such a beautiful sweater! I love the buttons, too! Most of all I love seeing how your makes really reflect your style, and are so wearable for you!

  2. I formulated my comment and it was almost identical to Liz’s, except that mine began “Good save, you!”. It’s remarkable how the two yarns intermingle at your request! (And yes, the buttons are fab!)

  3. I had an obsession with this pattern, but never got it made. Now you have re-inspired me. Your version is lovely. Great job inserting the off color skein. I can’t spot the difference in the finished sweater.

    1. Thank you so much, I really urge you to make it, it’s such an interesting pattern. I’m pleased with my blending, I quite like the lighter bits now.

  4. Glad you could blend in the new skein so well instead of returning it. I can’t see the difference and I don’t doubt that this cardi will go well with many bottoms as there are so many hues in this gorgeous variegated yarn. (Mademoiselle is getting big!)

    1. Thank you Hélène, I agree it will go with lots of things. Today i wore it with black jeans for an evening at the river. I was wonderfully warm.

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