Orange denim Stokx square pants

I am deeply in love with my sofa square pants, so was determined to make another pair as soon as possible. I bought some orange denim from FabScrap in Brooklyn a few years back with the express purpose of making a pair of orange jeans, so the time was right!

The minute I saw these trousers I knew they were for me. They are described as semi-fitted, gender neutral and inclusive with the characteristic of worker trousers with big pockets and the classic back belt detail.

You’ll also notice knee darts and these lovely diagonal fish eye darts in the back legs.

It’s rare that a pair of trousers fit me without a lot of faffing around, but I feel very comfortable in these, no inside leg bubbles or really baggy bottom, although they are intended to be loose. I am wearing them with my Hug Hoodie here.

I wore them for a Sundy lunch at my daughter-in-law’s family farm. Such a wonderful day.

When I made them I added some details: A large Stokx In the Wild label that I attached to a piece of selvedge and sewed on to the front side seam, and a piece of leather scrap that I had marbled, sewn to a back pocket.

I teamed them with a Pattern Union Felix jacket made some time ago using the reverse of the fabric. I’m so pleased with past Sue who did this as it doesn’t look too much with the square pants.

And lastly a rather sweet video of Miss G dancing to the Wiggles.


7 thoughts on “Orange denim Stokx square pants

  1. I love the reverse denim on the jacket and pants – good going past Sue! The Stokx square pants look very comfy. Lovely details!

  2. Thank you so much! I’d actually forgotten that I had reversed the jacket and was thinking that they probably couldn’t be worn together, so I’m extremely happy with myself.

  3. Excellent fit on the derriere, Sue. I bet these trousers go with a surprising number of tops – red or orange trousers can be very versatile, speaking from experience.

    1. Thank you Liz. Yes, I’ve been wanting a red pair and then found the orange denim. It’s surprising how much goes with them, I’m pleased to say!

  4. They are spectacular! It seems like this pattern was made especially for you. And thanks for this lovely video. It’s fun to see Mark’s talent as a choreographer and perfect grand dad!

    1. thank you Hélène, I do love this pattern. Mark is a great granddad – he rolls up his trouser legs so he can crawl around the floor without getting the trouser knees dirty.

  5. Ooh those darts are intriguing! The pants look great on you, and that orange is unexpected and perfect.

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