Stokx Square Pants

I had been watching this pattern for a while, with some longing, but I do try to not buy new patterns all the time. Then I was lucky enough to win a pattern from Lindy and I didn’t even have to tell her which pattern I wanted, she just knew and sent it to me (together with the Play Pants, which was so generous)!

Here is the information on them and the line drawings. So many interesting details, although I’m going to say right now that I can’t imagine any mid century worker wearing mine!

In fact it was a really interesting sew, I loved every minute of it.

I looked at the measurement chart and decided I was a 0, but then had a moment. My waist and hips are smaller, but I couldn’t work out what ease I needed. My inside leg is 78.5 but the pattern is 76.9. This would be an easy adjustment, but then I looked at the side seam length which is 107.4. Mine is 96, and that’s a big difference. Clearly it’s my short waist causing the problems. My thigh is 52 and knee is 36 and the pattern measures 64.9 and 58.5 respectively, and these are also big disparities. Were these pants going to be baggy with a really low crotch? I just couldn’t tell so decided to toile it – so unlike me. Finding a bottom weight toile fabric was tricky and in the end I chose a heavy floral linen that was leftover from my mother’s upholstery efforts in the 1980s. Mark shuddered when I got it out but I reassured him I’d never wear them anywhere. Hah!

I cut the whole pattern out, rather than just the essential pieces, as I wanted to practice putting it together. It looked a bit complex. In fact, just following the instructions meant that the pattern came together nicely with relatively little unpicking – ok I sewed the back darts before I should which meant I’d missed a vital step, but I recovered from it. I didn’t both pattern matching and I used a kids print from my stash for the lining, just because it amused me. Dogs and flowers, two of my favourite things!

Because I faffed around doing other things, it took me two full days to make these. I’m normally a bit quicker as I tend to get into a flow state and lose all concept of time. However, it was quite nice to socialise and even clean cars!

I made them with no adjustments and thoroughly enjoyed the fabric, which sewed and pressed beautifully. I began to think that if they fitted I might dye them to make them less sofa-like. I had no idea of the fit until I’d finished and held my breath when I first tried them on. They fitted like a glove and I’m not sure how! I’m not complaining though, they are really comfortable.

When I appeared in them Mark admitted that he rather loved the fabric and I shouldn’t dye them. I decided to wear them out and about and see if I could deal with them. Turns out I rather love them too!

You can see how well they fit. I do have an unfortunate flower – it wouldn’t be one of my makes if this didn’t happen. My friend Wendy on IG assured me she hadn’t noticed, so perhaps no one else will either, except now I’ve pointed it out.

I sewed the belt pieces in such a way that I can’t put the end of the belt through the loop. This is a quick fix and I’ll do it as that flappy belt will annoy me endlessly.

And here they are in the wild. We took a short cut through a primary school and i wondered if this is the one Miss G will attend. It’s very nice.

I had a bit of a wander round the house and found this chair, which had belonged to my mother and is covered with the fabric. It’s certainly stood the test of time. I couldn’t get a better photo as there was nothing to prop my camera on, but you get the idea.

I have two more pieces of the fabric and I might dye one of them and see how it looks. I quite like the idea of a duster to go with these but I can’t go full on sofa with an outfit!

Finally, a miserable little poppet taking solace from her cat!


15 thoughts on “Stokx Square Pants

  1. I haven’t been able to get the phrase ‘lady garden’ out of my head since you pointed out That Rose 😂. I still don’t think it is obvious though.
    I tuck the belt end into a back pocket as I end up with quite a tail. There’s a Finnish lady (singer) who has made these and she has a neat way of holding the belt back on itself.

    1. I think I’ve fixed the belt, I tried lots of solutions, must check out other posts. We refer to the other problem as the map of Tasmania!

  2. I laughed out loud when you mentioned the “unfortunate flower”! Believe me, it is not noticeable unless you point it out. And oh gosh, this pattern seems so well drafted! No adjustments at all sounds like a miracle to me. I love the vibe of this deign and your floral toile is a true success!

  3. These look really interesting, and I love the Stokx Rock. FehrTrade recommends knee darts as an adaptation for cycling jeans, so this feature would make them good bike pants.
    The measurements on the pattern listing are of the pants, not body measurements. My horizontal measurements exactly match 0 on the pants, how much ease is recommended for adding to body measurements to choose pattern size?
    Also I am 10±cm shorter than all the vertical measurements. Are there instructions for shortening or would it be easy to work out?
    Empty Hanger designer just gave away on her FB group instructions for zero waist sweater that includes sizes from 14cm – 85cm flat (half circumference) width that I am going to try. It showed me how these sort of wrap around designs work.
    This is her YouTube tutorial, but you need instruction file from FB to make it.

    1. Hi Karey, I think shortening instructions were included but you could just take some out above and below the darts depending on where your knee falls. I’d do a size 1 or even 2. I am smaller than the 0 measurements and thought the pants would be baggy but they fit very snuggly. You can cinch the waist in with the belt. I can never work out ease but I suppose you can choose your own. I would definitely toile. Also consider a stretch fabric. You could reach out to Lindy and ask her. She’s very accommodating. I’m definitely going to check the zero waste sweater, thank you for alerting me! Let me know how you go with the square pants.

      1. Thanks. I did contact her, and she recommended 1 for woven, 0 for stretch. Searching on Google, I discovered Empty Hanger also has a zero waste skirt pattern from 62cm – 126cm waist, you can try then pay. It’s basically cut drawing/dimensions and instructions, like the sweater.

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