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The SewOver50 team have had a challenge running where they have asked everyone to find sewing patterns featuring models over 45. I have a surprising number of makes in my wardrobe that are from patterns featuring older models and have worn one every day this month. However, I was perusing patterns yet to be made and find that I have three Tessuti patterns, all of which feature mature models and all of which I bought at the FibresWest garage sale for $2 each. My first make is the Frankie Top.

Details on the pattern include: “The pattern features a flared hemline, set in sleeves and comes with numerous style options – two dress lengths, a top and four sleeve lengths (short, elbow, three quarter and full). The stitched down, back facing creates a neat and secure neckline“.

I used some beautiful vintage cotton knit (no spandex at all) that my sister destashed to me. I had just a smidge over a metre and wanted long sleeves, so knew it would be an interesting make.

In the end I had to piece the sleeves and they are slightly shorter than the pattern, but I got my top! I should say that it has some interesting construction details – a back neck facing but no front facing? It worked really well.

I wore it, unfinished, to an event called Sculptures by the Sea, which is an annual event at our local beach and not to be missed. Having said that, we did nearly miss it due to various things, but got there on the penultimate day.

it was pretty hot and I was pleased that I had long sleeves to protect my arms.

This sculpture by Bruno Catalano from France is amazing. Sadly Mark chopped his head off!

This is what it actually looks like.

You can buy this for a cool 130,000 euros. My eldest son asked why it’s so expensive when half of it is missing. Made me laugh quite hard.

Back to my top – I really love the shape, that flared bottom really appeals to me, but the sleeves are quite narrow. Clearly, my fabric doesn’t have enough stretch. I might modify them for my next make, which will probably be the dress version. Otherwise, the fit is pretty good.

I had a lovely time among the sculptures, some of which were extraordinary.

I got so many photos, but will spare you most of them, however here is a very quick sample of the sculptures. They came from all over the world.

I decided that the top would benefit from a pocket and had a rummage through the tiny pile of scraps. My first pass revealed nothing, so then I began looking at each piece to see if I could patchwork something together and found a perfect piece. So here it is, with a pocket! I only had enough for one but that will do.

I also noticed a tiny gap where I had joined the sleeve top to the bottom; a small divot which I didn’t quite catch in the stitching. I had to darn over it.

After I stitched it, I ironed a label on to further hide the crime, and I thought my friend Hélène would like the sentiment. I also added a Year of the Rabbit label in the neck, just because I could!

And here is my Pose Like the Pattern Model, I’m always surprised how hard a simple pose can be to copy.

Miss G was so out of sorts that I don’t really have photos of her to share, so I’m giving you this one. Sadly it was sold, but at $47,000+ I wasn’t in contention anyway! I sometimes feel a bit like this when I travel…


4 thoughts on “SewOverAgeism Frankie Top

  1. Airline food will do that to you🤣.
    Pleased to see the knit fabric close up too- it looks lovely!

  2. It’s a lovely top and I should make it with long sleeves too! These sculptures are awesome, no wonder they are so pricey. I like that you used a French label… such a sweet thought. Je couds avec mes amies, toujours xxx

    1. Thank you. It’s perfect as the weather cools down. I’m so glad you like the label, I couldn’t resist it! The sculptures were magnificent, there were over 70 of them.

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