Ola Tunic Top

The current Sew Over Ageism challenge being run by SewOver50, where we’ve been asked to find patterns that feature models over 45. I’ve found a few and the Tessuti Ola Tunic is another. I bought the pattern, along with several others, at the Fibres West Garage Sale and I’ve been keen to make it, so this was the impetus I needed.

I chose a batik print I bought in Singapore many years ago, which I’ve wanted to use but always struggled to find a pattern to fit the limited amount of fabric and the border print. I laid the Ola pattern on the fabric and couldn’t quite fit the whole of the grown on sleeve on the fabric. I thought I’d patchwork a piece of the border on to the ends, but didn’t have enough at the end of the day.

This is me in the tunic, which is actually long enough to be a dress. I’m attempting to Pose Like the Pattern Model.

In order to get the border round the bottom I had to straighten the hem and wondered if it would dip at the sides, but it’s fine. I used part of the left over piece to fashion a pocket. The pocket spans the side seam and is a great size. My sleeves don’t look a great deal shorter than the pattern – I think it’s drafted for a much taller person.

I’ve already worn this tunic/dress out and about and tried it with different shoes.

That’s probably enough photos! This dress is really lovely to wear. The cotton is cool, I love the border and the big pocket. The construction was interesting. Tearaway vilene was sewn round the neck the top it stretching. I used what I thought was tearaway vilene but it has left fluffy edges, which I’m hoping will dissolve in the wash. I also didn’t do the binding according to the instructions, tucking it inside instead. I did add a tiny cuff on to each sleeve.

And of course a Sew Over Ageism label. You can see the fluffy edges from the vilene, and of course I have stray threads, which were not obvious to me when I took the photo.

A seated shot in case you’re wondering if it’s too short.

A final photo from when Mark’s daughter was here with our baby grandson. Such a happy time.


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  1. Such a nice cool summer dress! Love your take on this simple timeless style. Thanks for posting a family photo, I’m fond of these!

    1. Thank you Hélène, I don’t tend to have strangers following my blog so happy to put more on here. I have a lovely video of G and her dad that I must edit and post.

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