Sewing Masin Jameela Jacket

I was quite surprised to win the Sewing Masin Jameela Jacket pattern, and I think I was chosen because I said I would make a gingham one. When I won it, I got out a green gingham sheet I had bought in an op shop, but I was slightly uncertain how the pattern worked so wanted to make a plain one before I faced the pattern matching. I had this lovely yellow loosely woven cotton in my stash (think hessian without the hairiness or courseness), that Jenny from @Joeandroxy on IG had given me. The colour is glorious and I looked at it every time I visited my stash. The pattern itself has some lovely details as described below from the website.

The Jameela Jacket is a cozy jacket pattern with two length options: Hip length or cropped. This jacket is a quick sew as it is unlined and has simple design lines. It features two big welt pockets at the front and a box pleat at the back. The cropped version comes with a sleeve placket and a sleeve cuff whilst the longer version features a simple sleeve hem”

Due to the thickness of my fabric, I went with the boxy sleeve without the placket and cuff. The fabric also frayed like the devil so I didn’t think I was up to precision sewing. i also made the cropped version as I didn’t have quite enough fabric for the long one, but also thought that a cropped yellow jacket had a place in my wardrobe.

It is such a glorious sunny fabric and I felt this pattern suited it perfectly. It’s too hot for our current weather so this was not my outfit of the day, but I was pleased I didn’t have to work too hard to find things to wear it with, in this case the Pattern Union Hannah Culottes and my rubbed off tee.

The buttons I chose are of great sentimental value – I had three from my mother and another three identical ones from my Mother-in-law. I say identical but I think the size varies slightly, if my buttonholes are to be believed. The buttons are glass and have a gold snail effect embedded in them. I don’t think they are rare, but they are quite lovely and I’m thrilled to have used them. You can see how loosely woven the fabric is.

I also made, and added, a Chinese horoscope 2023. I made these as gifts, but then couldn’t resist adding one. Made on the Cricut from iron on vinyl.

Now you get just about every photo I took!

I love a box pleat at the back and there’s enough room under this jacket to fit a thin jumper

and a seated shot

This is a lovely pattern to sew. All the notches match, the instructions are clear and precise and it came together well. The only bit that caused me any problems was the collar points. I didn’t get them as sharp as I would have liked due to the thickness of the fabric.

Finally a video I took of Miss G, dusting Heidi and then doing some robust patting. This is a most tolerant dog! I do love all the noises she makes.


10 thoughts on “Sewing Masin Jameela Jacket

  1. Thank you for this review. I did not know about this pattern previously and have found it difficult to find a jacket pattern that doesn’t have dropped sleeves.
    Your sewing skills are very inspiring to me. Can’t wait to see the gingham version.
    A very nice way to use your heirloom buttons, and clever use of Cricut.
    I always enjoy your posts.

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth, I hate dropped shoulders too, and the sleeves on this jacket fit perfectly into the armscye. I really like the cropped version, I might make the gingham one hip length like a shacket.

      1. The pattern looks like it would make a good shacket.
        Your granddaughter videos reminded me to look back at the videos of mine when she was a baby, when they were in California and I am in Midwest USA. I remember receiving these while I was at work. Opening them was like a little present, and really brightened the day.
        So precious.
        Now she is twelve, with a seven year old brother and live ten minutes away. I feel so blessed.
        Enjoy your summer. Winter here!

      2. Thank you, and you are very blessed to have your grandchildren so close. My little one lives on the other side of the city so we have to deal with traffic to visit but it’s only 25 minutes. Enjoy the cool weather!

  2. Oh, so lovely! The jacket, Miss G and the excellent Heidi. What a wonderful post! I’m dreaming of summer days right now and this jacket definitely jumped atop of my list. It looks so good on you, Sue!

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