Rubbed off tee shirts and other things

For years I’ve been wearing a red tee shirt that I love but finding the pattern I used to make it has eluded me, so I decided to rub off a new pattern. In the process I remembered that the red tee was itself rubbed off a ready to wear black one (Visage if memory serves me correctly), that had diamantes stuck round the neckline. Anyway, I really like the design, it’s simple but different, so I wanted another.

The tee has grown on cap sleeves at the front but a really interesting raglan effect at the back. To rub off the pattern I folded the tee shirt in half carefully and traced around the seam lines. I then added seam allowances.

I made it slightly longer than the original.

I made three in very short order, but fiddled around with length, and even did some slashing and spreading. I had fun with making labels on my cricut – I should really have put them on the outside!

This is the first one I made and I love it! I made a “Size Me” label and used a bit more of the glitter fabric that Katherine from Sew Blooms gave me. I thought long and hard about the shape and in the end went for a splodge, again cut on the Cricut and ironed on. I am obsessed with that splodge!

I teamed it here with some Liz Haywood zero waste culottes which I made in December but forgot to report. They are made from a tablecloth, the same one as the hat, in fact, which is also a Liz Haywood pattern. I made the sandals with some recycled denim strips.

This time I did the button fly – last time I made them I put a zip in the back seam. It’s not as convenient as the zip, but I do like the look. I used vintage buttons that I felt replicated the damask a bit. They look very cream here, but they are white.

Here are the photos of the culottes I took last month. They are so easy to wear.

Right, back to the tee shirts! I found it really interesting that the fit varied radically. The white one on the left is a very firm cotton knit and the tee shirt is quite fitted. It will be ok under things, but I possibly won’t wear it on its own.

The striped tee was made after the white one and I panicked a bit, so did some slashing and spreading. I think it was a tad unnecessary and now I have a tee that’s quite wide at the hips. The shorts, made a couple of years ago, are also too big, so that’s the next thing to address!

I wore this tee shirt today, but with a skirt. I’m not sure where I got this cotton knit, but it’s really lovely. I’m showing a close up of the back shoulder so you can see how the sleeve is attached, and also the fact that the back neckline is interesting too.

These tee shirts were not my first makes of 2023. I whipped up a quick top from a curtain my sister had given me. I was interested that the header tape was on the outside of the curtain, so I can only assume it was hung inside a cupboard or somewhere. Sister has no idea, by the way! I really liked the fabric; quite vintage and a print of hexies. What I wasn’t sure about was whether this would look ok on me.

I decided to make a Selina Sanders style top. She always makes them from tea towels and I wanted to see whether I could do the same, so this curtain version is definitely a toile. I was very unsure whether the puffy sleeves would make me look even more top heavy than usual. I’m really wary of anything that accentuates my bust line, but I was pleasantly surprised. The ties at the back give a bit of shape and I don’t mind the sleeves at all.

I was trying everything on with those baggy shorts!

I thought it would be easier to see the shape in a flatlay. I used another KATM label but also put one of my own on the outside. This top was made very early on January 1, so a C2023 label seemed appropriate. It’s really hard to see, but I know it’s there.

I got out the tea towels to make a top, but I’m going to need at least three, maybe four, so I’m considering options.

I’ve strayed totally off topic and have even had to amend the title of this post, I’ve deviated so much, but here is a video I thought you might like. Miss G had just thoroughly soaked Mark with the hose and was still wafting it around – with inevitable results! Can I just say that she wasn’t pleased!


3 thoughts on “Rubbed off tee shirts and other things

  1. So, “rubbed off” has nothing to do with rubbing? I’ve been trying to figure out what you meant by that and now I see you mean that you traced the outline of your existing top. I’d love to know how you get it to be so precise. When I try it, the new pattern is kind of wonky due to the difficulty of precisely folding a knit top in half! I have some that I’d really love to duplicate.

    1. I’m so sorry! No, no rubbing involved, it just seems to be the term used. It’s really important to precisely fold the garment in half. Steaming it straight helps. Maybe pin the edges together too? Once you’ve drawn the seam lines, straighten them with a ruler. Good luck!

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