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I’ve been looking at the Stokx Play pants and the Stokx Square Pants for quite a while and was thrilled to see that Lindy was a sponsor for Designin” December, so was extremely hopeful that I might get lucky and win a pattern. The sewing goddesses were smiling on me, because not only did I win a prize, I was able to choose that prize, my number one choice – a Stokx Pattern! Lindy, being the truly lovely person that she is, and knowing that I liked both patterns to bits, sent them both to me, there was no discussion – she clearly knew I wasn’t going to choose a coat, for example!

I have been so keen to get the Play Pants made and then my sewjo bunked off somewhere. I filled in time doing other things, including cleaning bits of the house – who even am I? and then it all came back and these are my first make since and I am not disappointed.

I was a bit anxious about the sizing. These pants are very size inclusive but I couldn’t really work out what size to make. My waist is 74cm and hips are 90cm, so how much ease did I need?

I went with size zero and the pants are quite big, but I think they are supposed to be. I decided to use some stretchy calico that I had dyed with onion skins scrunched up and sprinkled onto the fabric which was then steamed in sourgrass. I don’t need stretch fabric so the next pair might be from linen and I also have a pair planned from some vintage corduroy my sister gave me. I used recycled elastic for the back waistband. You might be able to tell what it was recycled from, and it worked a treat.

These will be so good in the cooler weather. The slight bagginess makes them extremely comfortable.

Lindy from Stokx patterns has a challenge called “Stokx in the wild” and as a nod to that I made an “in the wild” label. In retrospect it’s a bit small, but I still like it.

I thought you should see the label in action but I didn’t get a great shot of it, so here it is in close up. I used a wild sort of font that didn’t put the spaces in, and I chose green as that always says wilderness to me. The colour on the left is the correct colour of the fabric.

Speaking of being in the wild, I wore these trousers to babysit Miss G, so I have some action shots for you. I teamed the pants with an old top made from a couple of table runners.

You can see that I have a fair bit of excess fabric. I think they’ve stretched a bit as the day has worn on.

In terms of construction, these are fast and easy to make. The waistband is built in and is quite interesting. The pants have a flat front and the elastic is across the back and sides It took me a couple of goes to get the elastic tension correct, but they feel really nice now. The pockets are huge but don’t add a lot of bulk. This was a fit photo and I teamed them with a very old top made from a pillowcase which I naturally dyed. I rather like a bit of double dyeing!

I mentioned that I looked after miss G today, so you clearly deserve a little video for sticking out this post. She’s clearly more interested in cooking than her grandmother and I do love the delighted squeaking! Don’t mind the dummy, she found it and would not give it up. The suction in those little mouths is incredible!


8 thoughts on “Stokx Play Pants

  1. If I got my act together with my Playpants pattern I could twin with you wearing my sleeveless tablecloth top!
    However, the earmarked fabric is jumbo cord and I have found another tri-slider so they may well become more Squarepants (that pattern is already printed, cut out and tested).
    I find the Stokx huge pockets very useful and I enjoy the relaxed fit – I don’t think they look too big on you, just comfortable.
    Love the play cooking! I wish my oven brought such rapid results.

    1. Thanks Wendy, I’ll make more so we can twin later. Lindy also sent the square pants pattern so I have to make that too. I loved the cooking and she even did the dishes!

  2. I love comfortable clothes! Your dying of your pants is really interesting too. I’m always amazed at how you manage that! So does your machine sew the letters? Or how did you do those? And thank you for the video, I wish I could make dinner as quickly as she does! ☺️ I still can’t find my bag of elastic for my #designindecember pants, so can you believe it… I’m at a standstill! 😂

  3. These pants look so cool and perfect for your hot weather. Thanks for all the useful sewing details and for this delightful video of Miss G, a future Julia Child! xxx

    1. I’m sorry, I only just saw this! Thank you, I can’t wait to make another pair of these in a more drapey fabric. I love the fact that Miss G likes to cook, she does a lot with her dad.

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