Fibremood Vera

The latest release of Fibremood patterns has so many lovely ones that I struggled to pick one, but in the end chose the Vera as it fits into my lifestyle so well and I had the perfect fabric for it.

I had a remnant of a panel of French Terry knit from Knitwit Fabrics and knew it would be just what I needed. The problem was that I didn’t have enough fabric – gah! I knew that I had made a top with a similar panel and would have some scraps and so dug deep until I found two biggish rectangles which just fitted the sleeves. Slightly different print but you would never know.

The Fibremood Vera is described as “A good basic with a high cosy factor” and that’s exactly what it is. It has a really interesting neckband – possibly what drew my attention in the first place, and drop shoulders, which are really useful for the sleeves when fabric is limited.

The line drawing and description is as follows:

I found the sleeves a bit short once I had turned them up, so I unpicked them and used the same rib binding as I used on the neck to fashion a couple of cuffs.

I adore the colour of this fabric and the digital print is quite intriguing. Both panels featured visible mending – my sort of visible mending in fact, where it looks as though a chicken has scratched around putting stitches on the fabric! The sleeves are more obvious, I think the body looks a bit as though it has barbed wire printed on it!

Pattern placement was tricky and I basically gave up. However, I finished up with a line across the back and a shape that looks like a pocket at the front.

Right at the beginning I decided that I would use cream ribbing for my neck binding, but when I pinned it on I decided I didn’t like it. Luckily I had only cut one out so had a fossick in the stash and found some grey rib which I like much better (I was a bit tempted by red but let it go). I didn’t waste the cream piece though as I used it as the facing.

And yes, my stitching and the label are wobbly. not sure why. I also deliberately didn’t under stitch the facing – a decision I came to regret somewhat…

This is a really easy make, which came together quickly. I think the only tricky thing for a beginner is getting the centre of the front facing in the centre of the top. It would look obvious if it was slightly off centre. I had planned to make another one before writing this post, but couldn’t find exactly the right fabric in my stash and I am determined to not buy a thing (except exceptional thrifted things 😁).

This make is part of the Fibremood link party. Click on this link to take you to all the other patterns and the other iterations of this pattern. I know you’ll find something to covet 😉!


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  1. It’s an interesting make. I thought the shapes on the fabric were real! Have you had a look at the visible mending gallery on the Guardian website. There are some beautiful darned shapes and inserts on motheaten woolly jumpers. They’re quite terrific!

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