Wildergown tops with friends

I won the Friday Pattern Company Wilder gown pattern in the My Makes for the Month competition on Instagram.

I didn’t want to makethe dress, but I did like the idea of a couple of tops, so made the first one from some Indian cotton I won from FiberstoFabric, so it seemed a nice bit of symmetry. I didn’t make any changes to this Wilder, apart from taking it in a little in the hips, and the fit is pretty good.

I wore it out and about on a lockdown walk and discovered that I had it on inside out. Not that you can really tell! Between my hat and mask I am unrecognisable. Quite good really!

I then made a more summery one from a thrifted gauze baby swaddle. The fabric pattern is reasonably adult so I think I got away with it.

This one is the short sleeve version but I don’t like them for some reason so I added elastic.

It’s a small change but makes all the difference to the way I feel about it. Worn here with my Pattern Union Hannah culottes and belt made from leather harvested from an abandoned sofa.

My last one is mildly hacked in that I lengthened and widened the sleeves to create a puffy pirate sleeve. This one was made with the Instagram challenge for Magamsewalong April Ahoy in mind! I have been so slow with this challenge that I’m amazed I haven’t been keelhauled or made the walk the plank, given I’m one of the hosts.

Anyway I got there in the end, and am trying to make it look nautical with the puffy sleeves and wide leg Hannah culottes.

I created some problems for myself by cutting the bodice too short and adding a very full frill. You can’t believe how bad it looked. I didn’t have time to take a photo as I ripped it off very quickly. Unpicked it and added in a band that I had to piece together as I was running out of fabric. I do like the fact that the stripes run the other way though. Just a note here: the fabric is really bouncy and very hard to press without completely squashing the seersucker.

A quick try on and Mark wandered in and asked me if I was off to play tennis. Really?

I also didn’t like the ties. I had fashioned them out of scraps and didn’t follow the pattern. They are too wide. I had embroidered an anchor on the end of one to make it more “nautical”. Didn’t like that either!

So I was back to the drawing board. I unpicked the ties and made them much thinner. I removed the anchor as I didn’t like it.

Then I took off the ruffle – again! I cut off a section and pleated it with some fine and spaced out pleats.

I liked it much better. I was doing a bit of a sew along with Megan (meggipeg) and Katherine (sewblooms) and we caught up for a coffee and photoshoot.

Here we are in our Wilder tops – all very different!

My reworked top from the back. I’m not going to lie, I feel as though it’s far too frilly for me, and I’m planning to take the bottom frill off and rework it somehow. In the meantime, I’ll wear it whilst I consider my options.

And finally, as a nod to the Ahoy April theme, I decided to appliqué a parrot to my top. I did resist putting it on my shoulder, but it was really tempting!

This was another area of indignance with Mark. I was busy showing him my patch and he said “oh you’ve sewn on a dolphin”. Dolphin? Dolphin?! “No it’s a parrot”, “No it’s definitely a dolphin”. Oh for heaven’s sakes. Anyway he finally saw it and I did a bright yellow eye to try and give it more definition. I really enjoyed playing with the stripes.

A close up shows it clearly, but it’s very subtle in reality.

This will probably be my last clothing make for April, but I can see myself putting this on whilst the weather is still warm enough.


5 thoughts on “Wildergown tops with friends

  1. You look like a gorgeous pirate wench in that top and stunning trousers, Sue. Wonderful coverage of how you went about this project. I have this pattern but hadn’t thought about just making it a top. I might give it a go. Hope to see you at the next sewing meetup.

  2. It’s amazing that we keep sewing given the comments we get from our husbands! Can’t say that tennis or dolphins entered my mind at all. I’m making a checked shirt now just because of the barn dance comments I got for my denim pinafore! It’s revenge of some kind 😂.

  3. You have made three quite different versions of the pattern, Sue.It’s so interesting what a difference little alterations would make like taking in the short sleeves with the elastic. I would have liked the parrot on your shoulder! Now I can’t wait seeing how the blouse will change again.

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